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Mission Impossible 4.... Starring the Wrigleyville Rhinos 0

CHICAGO, IL- The Rhinos are this weeks dish to be served up to the irresistable Tigers whose opening to the 2010 Metro season has been nothing short of barnstorming. With a line up that could beat most teams in the US, the Tigers look to be too big, too strong and too good for the young, inexperienced Rhinos.

It is hard to come up with the right adjectives to describe the Tigers and even harder to find weaknesses in this team that the Rhinos may look to exploit. Meyer leads a forward line that features the greatest of them all in Brian Hoyt as well as Chris Bradshaw, John Dhoory, Rory Junius and possibly even Warrick Burgmann. The midfield is as good as it gets. Led by Crackers Brennan and featuring Vince Dhoory, Trimberger, EP, new gun Jason Wilhelm and renaissance man Matt Leibowitz as well as the best of them all in Peanut Uhlmann, the Rhino mids are going to be well and truly up against it. In the off chance the Rhinos can get it over the center, they’ll meet Poncho, Schmelzer, McHale, Gunn, Fitzgerald, Grisoni and big Pace. All up, this is an all star team that is, more worryingly, playing like an all star team and Francis Bradley likes nothing more to down a few beers after feasting on Rhino steaks.

As the lead up to the game continues, Bradley was asked about his highly fancied team and had this to say, “We are the best by a mile and complacency will be our only challenge to overcome. The Rhinos are down but are cunning. Drake will cheat, use slight of hand, bend rules and use all that experience to get a win but at the end of the day, they have to kick goals and they aren’t doing it on my watch. I am gonna enjoy this 20 goal win as much as last years grand final”.

When told of Bradleys comments, Drake was upbeat and pointed to the vast improvement in the Rhino runners and said he has something in store for his president when the two lock horns friday night with both likely to line up on each other. The Rhinos will get Morgan and Deutz back to provide a bit more attack and with Ortiz playing well, the forward line looks like it might be settling again finally. The backline is strong without being fantastic thus far and Clarke, Scher, Dorsett, Hattery and Jackie Thompson must fire in support of stalwart Disco Panek who will likely get the job on the dangerous Bradshaw, EP, Trimberger of Wilhelm, whoever the Tigers elect to throw forward out of their impressive ruck lineup.

But the midfield is where it is always won and lost. Toby Allen and Rocky Deehan lead an engine room that got out of 1st gear against the Piranhas last week but this obstacle is much bigger than the Rhino V 8 will have to hum like a hooker. Choi in the ruck will have some big questions to answer this week and the Rhinos will need a lot out of Borchardt, Blundell, Wolfe and whoever else Drake can throw at the Uhlmann- Brennan- Leibowitz triangle of magnificance.

This one is easier to pick than Brett Favre under pressure… Tigers by 8 goals, Meyer to kick a lazy 7, Hoyt 5.

WHEN: Friday, May 14th
WHERE: Waveland Park Fields, CNR Waveland and LSD
WHAT ELSE: Piranhas to supply umpires and heckling.
KEY MATCH UPS: Bradley v Drake, Scher v Meyer, Hattery V Hoyt, Leibowitz v Allen
RHINOS: Stopping the Tiger runners and breaking the ‘Bradley Wall’ that surrounds the Tiger defence.
TIGERS: Their forwards being able to break the shackles of a quality backline that has the ability to shut down any team on its day. Much will depend on Hoyt as he is the star of this team along with Uhlmann and Brennan.

Lincoln Square Win Again 0

Match report to come…. can tell you that the Lincoln Square Tigers took the Lincoln Park Piranhas to the cleaners… 7.10 52 to 3.7 25


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Piranhas 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0.0 3.7.25 3.7.25
Tigers 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0.0 7.10.52 7.10.52
Goals Piranhas: MacGlashan (2), Ward
Tigers: Hoyt B (2), Meyer (2), Doorhy V, Hanisch
Best Piranhas: None
Tigers: None

Piranhas to Face Tiger Gauntlet 0

Chicago, IL- The only face that was wrinkling and aging faster than that of Paul Drake on Friday night was that of Ryan Hayse as the great man bore witness to the seemingly unstoppable force that is the Tiger bandwagon as it rolled over the Rhinos with mere impunity. Hayse does, however, have the recruiting class of 2010 behind him with enough Paddys in it to scare even the most stout of Englishmen. Though largely an unknown and untried entity, this most recent class of Irishman is said to be amongst the best ever. Only time will tell if it contains the next Brennan, McKeegan, Doorhy or even, do I dare say it? The next Bradley? Hayse will need 10 Poncho Bradleys though if he and his Piranhas are to stand up to the might of the Tiger juggernaut.

The Tigers treated the Rhinos to a footballing lesson last friday and with guns like Tommy Gunn, Trimberger, EP, Junius and god knows who else to return, it could be a bleak night for those in the distasteful Romanian jumpers. Liebowitz (unless he is on a walkabout somewhere), the brothers Grimm (Doorhys), Brennan, Uhlmann and new gun Wilhelm will be all waiting in the middle of the ground, ready to rack up possessions quicker Burgmann gives out sponsorship deals. Oscar, Hoyt and Bradshaw are full of piss and vinegar and are looking for bags of goals and then there is that Tiger defence led by Poncho which the Rhinos found quite insurmountable.

The Piranhas have Hayse though. The speedster is in tip top condition and looking to lead his charges to a premiership after last seasons MacGlashan led disaster. His battles with Billy on the wing are worth the price of admission alone. But the big question everyone wants answered is “will HE turn up? Fresh off induction into the US Footy team of the year (yes, there is one), big Roofy has sworn off Metro footy for most of the season, claiming it is below him and he is not interested in giving out free lessons. But can the big man resist the smell of balls, the caress of leather on skin, the sound of men banging in to each other and the taste of sweat cascading down an opponents back as he is driven to all fours from behind? The crack of leather on leather as balls are kicked will be too much for the great man to resist and it is my pick that young 2026 recruit Maddox Ward will be locked in the cupboard with a bowl of fruit loops and a girly magazine (Big Jugs) to keep him busy this friday night while dad sneaks out to partake in some rough stuff (parenting advice provided by Al MacGlashan everyone.. I’d leave Cheerios personally, more fiber!).

The Piranhas, unlike the Cubs, are not all about the Roof top though. Gambaro is in rare shape, MacGlashan has put in the biggest pre season of his entire career (he took Kathryn to the park last week when Lisa wouldn’t let him watch American Idol… he pulled a hammy putting her on the slide though!), McKeegan is the most exciting thing to come out of Ireland since Joey ‘The Lips’ Fagan and Betty Palmer, now that all his efforts are going towards keeping just one lady satisfied, has more energy to burn than a pepped up, pill popping poodle in Pittsburgh. Look for the former Ben Rothlisberger of the CAFA to have a huge influence on this game and hopefully we will see him man up on the other former notorious ladies man in Brain Hoyt. Assuming they can keep their hands to themselves, this will be a classic match up.

Do the Piranhas have any hope really? Not much I’d say. They come in with 50% of their team having never played the game and their experienced players are making their first start. MacGlashan is likely to go down early, as is Ehlers as those infamous hammy’s tighten. Gambaro is a gun and will look to control the backline but the Piranhas issues will be how to stop those Tiger runners and how to break through the Bradley led defense.

WHO: Lincoln Park v Lincoln Square
WHEN: Friday, April 16 @ 6pm sharp
WHERE: Waveland Fields (formerly known as Burgmann Fields). Corner of LSD and Waveland Ave.
WHAT ELSE: Rhinos to supply umpires (can’t lose at umpiring can they??). 2 central, 2 boundaries and two flag wavers as well as many hecklers, drinkers and mockers.
ODDS: Tigers 5/4. Piranhas 7-1
PREDICTION: Tigers by 12 goals
WHAT TO WATCH FOR: Palmer v Hoyt, Gambaro v Meyer, Roofy v Vannessa if he ever leaves Maddox in a cupboard in order to play, MacGlashan v Drake after he reads this, Hayse v Uhlmann, all the new Piranha Irishmen v the free Guiness Poncho is planning on hiding in the forest preserve during the game.

Tigers in Rhino Rout 0

CHICAGO, IL- In magnificent conditions for the start of another year of Chicago Football, the Tigers of Lincoln Square roared loudly to serve notice to the competition that there will be no premiership hangover this season.

Led by a sensational midfield, the Tigers were too quick, too skillful and too good for a Rhino team that will relish the run if not the result. Straight out of the blocks the Tigers looked the better team and although both teams were rusty to say the least, it was the Tigers who overcame the early season start to eventually run out convincing 42 point winners.

From the jump, the Tiger runners, in particular Crabs Doorhy, the flying peanut in Uhlmann and Crackers Brennan were getting a tonne of it and were going to be hard for the Rhinos to control. With what amounted to constant delivery for their forwards, it wasn’t long until the Warrick Capper look alike in Oscar Meyer brought up his first for the season which was followed by his second not long after and signs were ominous for the Rhino army. When Fish Doorhy finished up some lovely work in the center, the Rhinos were in disarray as they were being soundly beaten all over the ground and despite kicking with the aid of what little wind there was, they weren’t able to trouble the scorers save for two minors late in the quarter. At the first break, the Tigers had shot out to a 3.2: 20 to 0.2: 2 lead and Drake and his Rhinos had their work cut out for them.

In the second, the same held true as Brennan, Uhlmann, the brothers Doorhy, the Big Leibowitz and Fitzgerald ran riot. Getting great service from new ruckman Wilhelm, the Tiger runners were all over the shop and linking up well to create some great passages of play that had the Rhino mids in a tizzy and completely bamboozling the Rhino backs. Meyer was able to kick another and when even Brain Hoyt popped up to kick truly the Rhinos knew they were in serious trouble. El Presidente’ Ponch-arelli was holding down the Rhino forwards and try as they might, nothing was going right for the Rhinos who could not muster a productive player for the entire game. New Tigers Schmelzer, Wilhelm, Harper and McHale were having a ball as it all looked too easy for the Tigers while on the other side of the ball, Rhino guns Ambrosino, Wolfe, Drake, Deehan and Forte could only get kicks in the arse. At the long break and in already fading light, Meyer led his Tigers into a 5.3: 33 to 0.2: 2 lead that, given the current state of Rhino play, was tantamount to insurmountable.

The Rhino hierachy appealed for more effort and moves were thrown everywhere and indeed the Rhino came out stronger in an effort to make a game of it. Forte started to have an effect and when Borchardt went on to Crabs to quieten him down it was the Rhinos time to put together some nice passages of play, one of which led to an Eli Rosen mark and goal to set the Rhino scoreboard ticking over. The Rhinos continued to attack but Poncho, Bradshaw and the other Tiger backs continued to treat their Rhino counterparts with little more than disdain and after Crabs pulled one out of his arse to put the Tigers further in front, the game was basically over and one could see some fat chick in the distant warming up the old tonsils. Crabs again was the difference maker and he was able to snag his third in a best on ground performance that sent the Tigers into the orange break 7.8: 50 to 1.3: 9 up.

To their credit, the Rhinos fought out the last quarter in terrific fashion but could not make a dent on the scoreboard. The Tiger runners had run themselves into the ground and with Rhinos being more prepared to run, the game became a battle of the defences as neither team could muster a straight kick meaning the Tigers recorded win number 1 by a 42 point margin.
The Tigers had winners all over the ground but it was their on ballers that provided the spark. Brennan, the Doorhy’s, Uhlmann, Wilhelm and Fitzgerald were all splendid and one could see a smiling Anthony Hendrie running around revelling in his United charges great early form.

The Rhino defence, under the pump all day, tried hard but looked uncoordinated and lacked any real polish giving the Tiger forwards all the ball they wanted. The Tiger backs were suffocating and provided the perfect springboard for their onballers to dominate, even in the tight confines of the Marowitz Chicago Ground (MCG). For the Rhinos though, a chance to go away and lick their wounds. Their onballers in Deehan, Wolfe, Ambrosino and Borchardt were unsighted and had little effect on the game. Their forwards in Morgan, Drake, OBK and Ward were shut down completely and their backs in Scher, Hattery, Dorsett, Forte, Clarke and Panek were completely outgunned and overwhelmed with constant Tiger pressure. The Rhino lacked fitness and their skills were abyssmal when under pressure. Of the new Rhino players, David Deutz put his hand up as a forward, Kremers battled hard and Choi, Ortiz and Hostettler showed enough to warrant some faith from the Rhino fans.

But the day belonged to the Tigers and Meyer who, after the game had this to say to the press; “Mustard? Who the hell is he? I should’ve taken over this mob last year mate and no bastard would’ve come with in Koo-ee of us. Fair dinkum, the form of Leibowitz, Brennan and the Doorhys was great and the main thing is, the bastards listened to me! I told everyone early on, if you have the bastard, kick it to me. Don’t worry about Hoyt, don’t worry about Bradshaw, just get the pill and kick it to the good looking blonde bloke and he’ll take care of the rest. 3 goals later and a huge win behind us and I reckon it were a stroke of bloody genius mate. And mark my words, we will get better. We have EP, Trimberger, Gryznys- Grysbfksi- Grizzily Adams- whatever Tommys last name is and Junius to come back into this team. Today was just us baiting the hook as we go Pirnaha fishing next week”.

Drake on the other hand, slinked away from the game half way through the last quarter to avoid both Hoyt and the waiting press but was seen kicking a raccoon and running over an innocent cyclist as he gave the Tiger bench the bird. Tracked down at the Brownstone later on he had this to say “We’re pharked mate. Didn’t see one good thing to come out of that other than Hoyt hitting the post”.


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Tigers 3.2.20 2.1.13 2.5.17 0.2.2 7.10.52
Rhinos 0.2.2 0.0.0 1.1.7 0.1.1 1.4.10
Goals Tigers: Doorhy V (3), Meyer (3), Hoyt B
Rhinos: Rosen
Best Tigers: Doorhy V, Meyer, Brennan, Wilhelm, Uhlmann, Leibowitz, Doorhy J
Rhinos: Rosen, Deutz, Clarke, Wolfe

3- M. Leibowitz 3- V. Doorhy
2- V. Doorhy 2- G. Brennan
1- J. Doorhy 1- M. Leibowitz

Split between Crabs Doorhy and Crackers Brennan

Rhinos look for Redemption 0

Chicago, IL- This Friday night sees the welcome return to Chicago of top flight Australian Football as the might of the Lincoln Square Tigers takes on the upstart Rhinos of Wrigleyville in what should be a cracker of a game that has been 6 months in the making following the devastation of the 09 Nationals.

Ably lead by the great Francis Bradley, the Tigers have been the dominant recruiting team in the offseason with no less than 8 new players ready to make their mark in the Australian Football sporting world (and rumors abound of former Shark legend Jeffrey Dreher making a comeback!!). With names that read like a whose who of Chicago football, the Tigers have shot out to early flag favoritism and a quick glance at the Vegas odd makers show them 5/4 on to repeat with the Rhinos coming in second at the handsome odds of 4-1. The Piranhas with a lacklustre recruiting class are a mere 231- 1 to take it all (but like a pub with free beer, the Irish are flooding into the Lincoln Park team (now to be known as the O’Piranha’s or Paddy-ranhas) so look for a huge improvement from them.

The Tigers boast an awesome defence and midfield. Bradley, Fitzgerald, Grisoni, Hoyt and Trimberger are set to take aim at the Rhino forwards (DeJong is a huge loss however) while their midfield is nothing short of sensational with names like the brothers Doorhy, EP, Uhlmann, Tommy Gunn, Brennan and journeyman Leibowitz all looking to rack up big numbers in the possessions department. The forward line, long a burden to the Tiger faithful, has come along nicely this off-season. Look for Meyer and Bradshaw to have big games while much can also be expected of Ortiz, Junius (if sober) and of course club legend Warrick Burgmann (if he plays… absolutely nothing is ever guaranteed with the big man). The Tige’s, unlike their professional counterparts in Australia, feature a bevvy of quality new recruits and the coaching staff will have a field day trying to figure out best positions for all these boys. Harris, Jason, McHale, Harper, Allen, Wideman and Burds all look set to make their debuts this Friday night.

On the other side of the ball, ‘THE’ Outback Kid will lead his band of merry men into the game missing Blundell, Allen, Ambrosino and McClamroch. Big names such as Forte, Deehan and Wolfe must shine brighter than a Hoyt knob for the Rhino to scuttle these Tigers. The Rhino always gets great input from their lesser known players though so look for big games from the likes of Jackie Thompson, Jeff Borchardt, John Scher, Kansas Hattery, the 3 Tylers and little Eli Rosen who will probably get the big task of running with the flying Peanut in Billy Uhlmann. The defence is iffy without Clarke and their forwards will need to be on song to play against the infamous Tiger defense but an upset is not out of the question.

Fitness will be a huge determining factor in this game. All players are coming in underdone with the Chicago weather always being a factor. Lincoln Square will have the height and pace, the Rhinos will have the forward power and a huge chip on their shoulder. All in all though, a great game is expected on the shores of Lake Michigan this Friday night.

Details as follows;

WHO: Lincoln Square Tigers v Wrigleyville Rhinos
WHERE: Waveland Fields; CNR LSD and Waveland
WHEN: Friday the 9th of April
TIME: 6pm (sharp)

SMART MONEY: Tigers by 3 goals, 23 if Burgmann plays.

AFTER: Brownstone Tavern. This is an important function as we need as many people to attend to show our new sponsor that we are fair dinkum. We will take turns controlling Rocky after 10pm. NO BEEP TESTS TO BE RUN THIS EARLY IN THE SEASON BJ!

ALL PIRANHAS AND NEW PLAYERS: Each team must field at least 12 guys. We will endeavor to play 16 a side. If a team is short, Piranhas will fill in. Those picked will be 1st or 2nd year players only. Therefore, all Piranhas should turn up to the game with the following… Footy gear (no baseball cleats!!!), umpiring gear (experienced Piranhas… boundary and goal required.. Haysie will email you lot with more info), and beer (Worniak, don’t drink it all again).

NEW THIS YEAR: Burgmann award will run on the website and will combine metro and maafl. The metro Best and Fairest will be voted on by the umpires and votes will be sealed to be read out at our presentation night.

MacGlashan Medal is both MAAFL and Metro but you don’t get credit for goals kicked playing for an opposition team.

FINALLY: Get on facebook and check out the chicago footy site for all updated info on training, games, play ‘where’s Wazza’ and to upload any photos etc. Also, ensure you are logging into www.chicagofooty. com and paying your dues which need to be paid asap. Oscar has done a beaut job on the website and it needs to be seen to be believed. Check out the forum link to find out what the OBK is up to (or down to… lost another 3 lbs and now is 236lbs! Or was that 326? Dunno but we’ll see friday night!)

Tigers Feast on Rhino Carcass

Tigers Feast on Rhino Carcass 0

Chicago, IL- The barnstorming Tigers of Lincoln Square have won the 2009 Metro Grand Final after completely demoralizing an undermanned and completely shellshocked Rhino outfit that still can barely sit down due to the pain emanating from its hind quarters.

From the outset it was going to be a big ask of the Rhinos with Scher, Ambrosino, Kia Forte, Aussie Mike, Kansas Hattery, Bashford, Crash Borchardt and the OBK missing from the line up and a full strength Tiger outfit that was snarling from the outset.

With Big Al and Hendrie taking umpiring duties in front of a handy crowd on a lovely Chicago day, the ball was bounced and play got under way. The next 80 minutes were as scary for the Rhinos as any poacher hiding in a bush with a high powered rifle. The middle was where the Rhinos were going to have a chance with new ruckman Nick Redmond feeding Drake, Deehan and Herrmann. The plan was to take out Dhoory and Brennan and apply as much pressure to the tiger backs as possible. The plan failed.

The Tigers controlled the midfield, especially at the stoppages and were running rampant. The rhino backs were under the pump immediately and despite their best efforts, Fish Dhoory was a huge spark for the Tigers and kicked two big ones to open proceedings. These were followed up with a lovely goal from the flying peanut in William Uhlmann who was back to some of his best form, a great sight for United selectors. Joey Trimberger continues to get better and better and his size across half forward was yet another thorn in the Rhino side and after he hauled in a grab from an errant Brian Hoyt kick, he went back and kicked the Tigers fourth. With runners everywhere and a backline that was dominating the few Rhinos that were down there, it appeared a long day ahead was ahead for the Wrigley lads… it soon got longer. Just before the qtr time siren, Aussie ring in Tobias went down when the old hammy went “cablammy” rendering him as useful as the proverbial tits on a bull. To rub some salt in the wounds, Oscar Meyer got a late one to almost kill the game in the first 20 minutes.

At quarter time, The Tigers had shot out to lead 5. 3: 33 to 0. 0: 0 and Wrigleyville went looking for an answer, any answer.
The second stanza delivered more of the same as the Tigers had winners all over the ground and it became harder and harder to find Rhinos that could win the ball. With a backline that was tiring, the Rhinos tried everything but to no avail. Oscar Meyer in particular smelled blood and began to feast on a lovely Rhino dinner that was being cooked medium well by Brennan, the Dhoory’s, Uhlmann, Fitz and everyone else in yellow and black. Frenchie was on fire and Hoyt was getting a tonne of it and they all helped Meyer kick 3 for the term. Tommy Gunn kicked another and even Hoyt got in on the action and kicked truly to pour on the misery for the Rhinos and effectively kill the game. The Rhinos had no answers and could not muster a point for the quarter and at the half, the Tigers led by 69 (giggity) points, 10.9: 69 to 0.0: 0.

Pride was the only thing on the line now as the Rhinos took the field. A dressing down at the half had the desired effect and a much more committed Rhino team actually managed to take a bit of control and almost win the quarter. Herrmann, who was easily the Rhinos best was getting a lot of the ball and along with Clarke and Deehan they managed to slow the easy ball gets by the Tigers. Drake went to the forward line and Wolfe into the ruck and as the rhino staged a counter attack. Tobias, despite being on one leg was able to snap truly twice and start the rhino scoring. For the Tigers, who were resting their main charges by now, Brennan managed to kick his first to match his BOG effort and the Warrick Capper look-a-like got his 5th. At the orange break, the Tigers led 12. 12: 84 to 2.0: 12

The final quarter was another close affair as the Tigers continued to win plenty of the ball and their backs, namely Poncho Bradley went looking for goals. Highlight of the game may possibly be Ponchos sensational kicks on goal, one of which somehow ended further away than it started, winning him the coveted Golden Goose. Fitz was also pushing forward and bagged himself a goal and Fish Dhoory netted another two before the Rhinos got their third through a dashing Sammy Blundell. When Clarke found Drake on the death nell, his kick sailed through the big sticks to notch up his first (goal and possession). With the siren ending a disappointing day for the Rhinos, the Tigers went into celebration mode with cars being flipped and naked worms everywhere.

To the victor the spoils and it was a dominant Tiger team that after a slow start to the season got their shit together and steam rolled the competition. Their mid field is electric and their backs dominant. The only question mark hanging over their heads was the form of their forwards but that has been put to bed with a final score of 14. 14: 104 to 4.0: 24. The Rhinos can take away a solid second half which showed a bit of guts on their part but at the end of the day, the Rhinos were lucky this wasn’t a bigger margin. Their grand final may have been played in their big win over the Piranhas.

After the game, a very happy Mustard De Jong paid homage to his charges stating “beauty mate, farken great stuff. Everyone put in, from the flamboyant frog to the flappin’ fish and the crabs and worms in the middle, everyone was on fire and it was a great finale to a great year of metro footy”.

A devastated Paul Drake refused comment preferring to have Morgan attend the post match press conference. All Morgan had to say was “what the hell just happened?”

All players are asked to continue their recruiting efforts over the off season and come back bigger, better and stronger for season 2010. The United squads results have proven beyond doubt the effectiveness of a strong metro competition. Our aim is to one day have 5 metro teams up and running but for now, three independantly strong teams is a bloody good effort and a tribute to the hard work being done by all. The CAFA (and especially Wrigleyville) is sad to say goodbye to two of the most promising American recruits in their team in the form of Timmy Herrmann who is off to Dallas and Glenn Clarke who prefers the sands of Iraq and Afghanistan to the golden shores of Lake Michigan. We all wish him the best as he dons the famous Marines uniform.



Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Tigers 5.3.33 5.6.36 2.3.15 3.2.20 15.14.104
Rhinos 0.0.0 0.0.0 2.0.12 2.0.12 4.0.24
Goals Tigers: Meyer (5), Doorhy J (4), Uhlmann, Trimberger, Hoyt B, Gizynski T, Fitzgerald, Brennan
Rhinos: Allen T (2), Drake, Blundell
Best Tigers: Meyer, Doorhy J, Trimberger, Hoyt B, Fitzgerald, Brennan, Doorhy V, Perry, Marthouret
Rhinos: Blundell, Wolfe, Hermann, Clarke
Umpire MacGlashan, Hendrie

Crackers Brennan

Frank Bradley