What is Aussie Rules?

Australian Rules football (or Aussie Rules Footy as it is commonly called) may look like a chaotic and confusing game, but it is quite simple once you get involved.  The game itself is like a cross between soccer and rugby and is a great test of fitness and skill.

Can I Play?

Yes. The club welcomes everyone and anyone down to training to give the game a go. Prior skills or experience is not necessary, we will teach you the fundamentals of the game. Review the club schedule to find the next training time and come down and have a go.

We welcome both players and social members (fans and friends) to get involved with the club.  For more information about how you can stay in contact with the club, get involved now!

Where to Watch AFL in Chicago?

Even though Chicago is roughly 9,700 miles from the home of AFL, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) there are plenty of opportunities to watch an AFL game.

» The AFL streaming subscription service can play any match on demand (http://watchafl.afl.com.au)
» The AFL website has highlight videos available after every round (http://www.afl.com.au)
» If you want more of a crowd, the Brownstone Tavern will play a match while the Chicago Footy team celebrates post match