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Chicago vs Milwaukee 0

Milwaukee and Chicago had a strong hit-out in what hopefully will be the warmest weekend of the season. Milwaukee made the drive with only 10 players, Chicago grateful that no-one had to come through O’Hare had a full squad to select from. The result was two strong teams were selected and a competitive game of 18s was on the cards.

Right from the get-go there was no thoughts of Chicago vs Chicago or Milwaukee vs Milwaukee with both sides going in hard regardless of who their opponent was. Good, hard, MAAFL footy played at its warmest.

The combined side wearing the United jumpers outlasted the guys wearing the Bombers jerseys with the only loser of the day being whoever gets to wash the jumpers.


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
United 5.1.31 4.1.25 4.5.29 1.5.11 14.12.96
Milwaukee 1.2.8 4.2.26 1.2.8 1.3.9 7.9.51
Goals United: Bradley (3), Meyer (3), MacGlashan (3), Deutz (2), Eve, Brennan
Milwaukee: McKeegan (3), Enzinger
Best United: Bradley, MacGlashan, Deutz, Brennan, Leibowitz
Milwaukee: McKeegan, Panek, Kasby, Hoyt B, Deehan, Wolfe

Chicago Too Powerful 0

MILWAUKEE, WI – On a beautiful Wisconsin day, where the mercury threatened 90 in the breathless expanses of Brown Deer Park, Chicago United headed to the home of Millers, Brewers, Bucks and a tonne of leftover Germans to take on the might and power of the Bombers. A long history preceded the interlopers from the south and it was with much aplomb that the two teams took the field, marshaled very impressively by Milwaukee legends Gazza and big Plugger. All that was missing was an Al MacGlashan hurling abuse at the two old combatants in white from the sidelines.

Chicago let their intentions be known from the jump. With the magnificently quaffed Jason Wilhelm dominating the air, Chicago onballers Hayse, Brennan, Zukowski and Blundell were getting plenty of the pill and they had plenty of willing participants up forward demanding the ball. Hoyt was again busy, Roofy was being double teamed but still managing to present, Gordon Ambrosino looked like he maybe running into some circa 2006 form and the little Tiger in Nolan McKeegan was being a pain in the butt for the Milwaukee defence…. if only they all could’ve kicked straight! Time and again Chicago peppered the goals for no joy until the flamboyant Ambrosino snapped impressively to bring up the first two finger salute for the visitors. Chicago continued to attack but the Milwaukee defence continued to defy them and as the quarter went on, the Bombers started to show glimpses of the talent they have mustered over the off season. With Chicagos inaccuracy and a more confident Milwaukee team, the teams went into the first break nice and close with the United leading 2.7: 19 to 0.2: 2.

Hendrie swung the moves and the United responded in kind. Drake went into the middle with Hayse, Wilhelm and Brennan and together the foursome combined well winning numerous clearances and continually forcing the ball forward to their hungry forwards who were still being kept under wraps by their Bomber counterparts. Finally the big man in Roofy got free and was able to goal to set the score board ticking. Chicago continued to force their will on Milwaukee and it was all the Bombers could do to hang on and not succumb. The United kept attacking and the ball was rarely out of their forward 50 and with Hoyt, Ambrosino, Dorsett and McKeegan smelling goals like a post game Schlitz, it was the Bombers who had to hold fast. The Chi town boys started pummeling the goals and brought up four majors for the quarter with innacuracy being the main reason this game wasn’t over by the half. The Bombers were able to hit back with one late and at the major change it was United 6.9: 45 to the Bombers who were also getting a case of the Ian Baker Finch yips with 1.4: 10.

The third was a dour struggle broken up by a sneaky Ambrosino goal, the only for the quarter. With the heat rising, the midfielders struggled to run out the quarter with both backlines getting on top. Hayse was a ball magnet as was Blundell whose game was nothing short of sensational out on the wing made famous by Billy Uhlmann who was sadly missing from the United squad. Frank Bradley, along with McHale, Zukowski, Fitzgerald, Drake and legendary figure Al Mac… whoops, I mention legend and instantly think of Al!…. legendary figure big Spider had the backline rolling along like a Canadian on 15 beers to keep the Bombers goalless but at the other end, big Roofy and the dangerous Brian Hoyt were also finding it difficult to break free of the ‘Heater’ in Heath Moore and his band of merry men.

At the orange break, the United had a seemingly insurmountable lead of 42 points, leading 7.13: 55 to 1.7: 13.

The last quarter became a story of how far as the Bomber backs, worn down from repaeted United attacks continued to offer as much resistance as possible against a Chicago midfield that had completely taken over the game and boasting an impeneterable backline.

Goals started to flow as Roofy kicked 2 in succession, Hoyt got another as did the little Paddy in McKeegan to send him to the fine tally of 1.9 for the afternoon and bolster his chances for the golden goose. Seconds later though, deep in the Bomber forward line, an errant handball from Hayse left Drake floundering on the ground like a beached whale and his efforts to tap the ball through the Bomber goals saw him wincing in pain, anguish and embarassment as the ball, mercilessly, stopped right on the bloody line allowing a Bomber to swoop in and soccer their second through and return to pat the Pakenham boy on the head and thank him for his kind gesture and then to congratulate him on wresting the goose from McKeegans hands.

With it all over bar the shouting, Roofy took the last grab of the game on the boundary and Brain Hoyt like, kicked a magnificent banana to put the icing on the cake for the United as they set up what will be one of the biggest games in MAAFL history in August when they head south to take on Nemeth, Vsetka and the Roo Boys in what will be a cracker of a game.
For Chicago, a wins a win and they dominated this game for the whole 90 odd minutes but bad kicking and a stout Milwaukee defence kept this one a tad closer than the scoreline shall suggest. With Gambaro, Uhlmann and a host of others to return, training must be emphasized by all to ensure your spot in this team. Wilhelm was sensational in the ruck and his duel with the Bomber ruckman was fantastic all day. Hayse picked up at least 40 possessions and was instrumental in the win. Dougie Fresh, Betty Palmer, Zukowski, McHale and Ambrosino were others who stood out for the United. McKeegan had the ball on a (crooked) string and will be invaluable in Nashville (look for him to put his hand up for the runaway train that night too just quietly!). Old timers Spider, Bradley, Drake and Hoyt all played well in the challenging conditions and in the end it was a gutsy, if unpolished win for United. The Bombers were stoic and threw all they had at their highly fancied opponents. Heater was excellent in defence, Siegel ran himself into the ground in the middle and their ruckman was fantastic (as was # 1, sorry don’t have a name). The Bombers have some good young kids coming though and with some positive recruiting, they will quickly return to the top of the MAAFL heap.

Finally, cheers must go out to the fantastic job done by Gaz and Plugger in the middle….. and both did actually get out of the middle… though never happy about it!! Well done lads.


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Milwaukee 0.2.2 1.2.8 0.3.3 1.3.9 2.10.22
United 2.7.19 4.2.26 1.4.10 4.7.31 11.20.86
Goals Milwaukee: None
United: Ward (4), Hoyt B (3), Ambrosino (2), Hayes, McKeegan
Best Milwaukee: None
United: Ambrosino, McHale, Blundell

United head north to battle Bombers 0

The Chicago United will make the lovely trip up 94 north to the green pastures of Brown Deer Park which plays home to the Milwaukee Bombers. A recent change in game time tip off this Saturday at 11am will allow both teams to support the US Soccer Team in their face off against Ghana at 1PM. AJ Bombers, the Milwaukee Bombers sponsor pub, will play host to the rowdy and battered bunch.

The Milwaukee Bombers and Chicago United matchup is one of USAFL’s longest and most heated rivalries. The expectations for both parties are high with the men of the United looking to keep the MAAFL crown and the ‘Bomb-Squad’ looking to regain their former glory of years before.

After trips to Columbus and Denver have stretch the United roster thin, Coach Hendrie is extremely confident in the full cast of characters he plans to put on the pitch come tomorrow morning. Many of the lads have made their way back from South Africa and perhaps even sobered up. Oscar Meyer has been seen leaving Heathrow Airport with a Carlsberg in hand. Not to worry, his last Metro match proved his stench can often play to full forward’s advantage.

Many of the new rookies have moved beyond the first year jitters and bring a new level of fitness and speed to the club. Jason “Buddy Holly” Wilhelm will be back in the ruck which should allow new boys Pedro and Jayson to run wild right from the whistle. Brandon Harper has proven to make people miss and will provide ample support in midfield and forward lines. Newbie Patrick McHale will hold ground in the back and possesses great tackling abilities and vision to move the ball quickly out of the back.

Let’s not forget the vets. Eons of experience will be making the trip and Chicago will have a full squad running like crazy. Matty L, Toby, and IrishAmerican Graham Cracker will patrol the midfield with support from the outside gazelles in Billy The Nut and Hazey. Getting the ball outside and down the flanks using these speedy midfielders will prove to be asset at the big Brown Deer Park pitch.

Big Rohan Ward will be launching the aerial assault on the Bomber squad. And with Big Roofs proud parents making the trip from Oz, he’ll be itching for a bag-o-goals. Needless to say Roofy often gets doubled-up so support from Oscar Meyer will be crucial. Still unknown is one Brian Hoyt. United last match up against Cincy saw the leader of the epic “Sweet Package” band with two left hands – more like stumps or nubbins’. It was even seen post-game when Hoyty let several cold beers slip through his fingers. However, the always extroverted and confident Brian will be sure to make a needed impact against a staunched Milwaukee defense.

Milwaukee has their gunners too. Aussie Nathan Coad has bagged his share of goals for the Bombers. Corey Malchow has effectively controlled the midfield for Milwaukee this year showing skill and athleticism resulting in several BOGs. Rookie Ferrari has also shown footy is the game for him utilizing a big leg and great vision.

However, they will all have to come through the MAAFL’s most feared defense captained by President Frank Bradley. Even though Frank is well past his prime and lacks any real game with the ladies off the field, he continues to be a force and the anchor in the United defense. In support will be the confident BJ Gambaro who is not to be underestimated. His skill and poise in the back is often the catalyst behind many great United runs. Fitzgerald will look to get the ball outside and up to the big lads up top, while Betty Palmer will lurk in the shadows hoping to plant a big hit on any Bombers crossing his path.

Ball up at 11AM. Hope to see many United Fans in support of this great game and great team.

Chicago Crowned Kings of the Midwest 0

Chicago, IL- Chicago United claimed their third MAAFL title in a row after another devastating display of Australian Rules Football on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan. This weeks victim was their old foes from Wisconsin who made the 90 mile trek down the I-90 with a handy team of 22. In what will hopefully be the perfect prelude to tonight Bears v Packers game, the lads from Illinois out marked, out kicked, out muscled and out played the cheeseheads.

Though starting the game with several top name players out including Ward, Hayse, DeJong, Uhlmann, Gunn, Kia Forte and OBK, the Chicago United was able to draw first blood early when Big, Bad Al MacGlashan presented at full forward and took a strong mark on the lead and then cooly went back, cocked that magnificent left hoof and went BANG from 50. He followed this up with two more strong marks and from closer in, missed by a country mile both times. Gordon Ambrosino was proving a handful with his pace and he was rewarded with a smart goal from a snap to bring up Chicagos second.

Milwaukee were not to be outdone and kicking with what little breeze there was on this magnificent Chicago day, they found the big fella in Paul O’Connor who used his impressive bulk to out bustle his opponent to mark and goal, bringing up the Bombers first. Chicago continued to attack and Big Al was proving a huge thorn in the Milwaukee behind as he provided the perfect target for his midfielders. Another mark and goal from the great man sent the United out in front by 15 points as the Bombers looked to stem the flow of easy balls into the Chicago forwards. As they tightened so did the game as both midfields looked to gain the edge. Milwaukee, with Sarbacker, Andrews and the Bill Lawry lookalike, inflated proboscis and all, Robbie Humphries had plenty of experience over the United midfield of Deehan, Herrmann and Brennan but with big Stacey Elmore doing a great job in the ruck, honors were even at the first break. At quarter time, Chicago led 3.5: 23 to 1.2: 8

Chicago again took control early as they looked to open up a big lead on the Bombers. A huge roar came from the crowd as Chicago footballing legend Warrick Burgmann trotted out to take up his place at center half forward on the ground that became his second home and now bares his name. But it was his 2 old mates that were causing all the havoc. Drew Ehlers was providing a great target and Big Al was everywhere. MacGlashan goaled after yet another fine grab and added his fourth minutes later as Chicago threatened to blow the game apart. Nolan McKeegan showed a glimpse of brilliance with his first for the game and all of a sudden Milwaukee were under the pump and looking to stop the rot. They managed to steady and through their aforementioned midfield and tightening backs, put together a great period of football. Bruce Bielffus was able to cap off the hard work with Milwaukee’s second before Chicago again took control. With Gambaro, Bradley, Palmer, Wolfe, Kastilahn and Fitzgerald dominating the Bomber forwards, momentum switched again and a long ball into the forward line spilled to Burgmann whose run around the flank and goal from the boundary line brought a tear to the assembled crowd as memories of the great man at his best came flooding back. But instead of Gambaro chasing him in a Blue jumper, the two legends were together and both continued to put their stamp on the game. At the half, Chicago had shot out to a commanding lead 7.12: 54 to 2.4: 16

Chicago looked to finish the Bombers off in the quickly fading light. MacGlashan again was the focal point as he led hard and was rewarded with a lovely grab 50 out which he, incredibly, handballed off to a dashing Anthony Sacco who was playing possibly his best game in United colors. Sacco, Didak like, took a bounce and on that magnificent left trotter of his went BANG to bring up his first. This time Milwaukee hit back early as some nifty run through the center saw the dismantled proboscis get on the end of a probing handball and from a long way out Humphries went BANG towards the empty goalsquare bringing up the Bombers third. Then a strange thing happened, a little known Irishman playing his first season of Australian Football took control of the game from a forward flank. MacGlashan marked too far for even him to consider having a ping and his ensuing pass to the little Paddy in McKeegan was a shocker but he was good enough to take possession and dodge one, stiff arm another and then from 40 go BANG to bring up his second. Minutes later he showed a tonne of dash around the flank and from distance, magnificently snapped on his right foot to set the cat right amongst the pigeons and send his team into the orange break 49 point leaders, 10.12: 72 to 3.5: 23

Chicago looked to continue the rout as their midfield took control and their backs completely shut down the Bomber forwards. MacGlashan was again the recipient of some great work up the ground and his leading and marking was a highlight of the game. He slotted through two more for the quarter to give him a bag of 6 goals for the day, a tally even Lisa would be impressed with. Big Drew Ehlers was finally rewarded with his first after he played a ripper of a game and the goals didn’t stop there. McKeegan again got amongst it and was able to kick truly after being too quick for his opponent and then after a lovely handball from Sacco, Drake went bounding down the outer flank and from 40, on the boundary and ON THE LEFT FOOT (just quietly), he went BANG to put Chicago 81 points up and well on their way to the clubs fourth title and third on the trot.

Not to be outdone, Milwaukee were able to hit back with Humphries again proving his ability. Despite having two rolls of toilet paper shoved up his nose to control the bleeding from his now magnificently remodeled schnoz, Humphries took a couple of great marks on the lead and was able to kick three late goals for the visitors and put some respectability on the board. At the final siren, Chicago 15.15: 105 def Milwaukee 6.6: 42

The win caps off a marvelous MAAFL season for the United who went through undefeated, claiming their third title in a row along the way and fourth all up. All eyes now turn to Mason, Ohio as Nationals loom large. With Forte, Ward, DeJong, Hayse, Uhlmann and others looking to make their way back into the team, positions are tight and your attendance at training will help your claims no end. Next Saturday is the big clash between the Tigers of Lincoln Square and the Rhinos of Wrigleyville. Piranhas need to supply two boundaries, a central and goal umpires. More details to follow.


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
United 3.5.23 4.7.31 3.0.18 5.3.33 15.15.105
Milwaukee 1.2.8 1.2.8 1.1.7 3.1.19 6.6.42
Goals United: MacGlashan (6), McKeegan (4), Ehlers, Drake, Ambrosino, Burgmann, Sacco
Milwaukee: None
Best United: MacGlashan, Sacco, Hermann, Gambaro, Fitzgerald, Bradley
Milwaukee: None

Tyler Dorsett; Tyler sustained a nasty injury to his hand…. trying to open the dunny door! Sanitary reasons, no one is to go within 20 yds of him as an open wound in those dunnies can’t be good!

Nolan McKeegan

Chicago Bombs Milwaukee 0

Milwaukee, WI- After battling floods and some shocking road conditions to get to Milwaukee for the honor of battling the Bombers for the MAAFL crown, the Chicago United, on the back of a suffocating backline led by Big, Bad Frank Bradley, produced one of their greatest efforts to leap frog the Bombers and lead the fight for premiership glory.

The game started in what, considering the amount of rain that had fallen, were very good conditions. A tender breeze blew across the ground but the good news for the United hierarchy was that goals could be kicked and it was a very fired up Chicago team that took the field in the annual meeting of these two old foes.

Big Spider started in ruck with support from Wolfe, Crackers and Bretty Isadore and as mentioned in the warm ups, this is where the game had to be won so Chicago went with 3 physical on ballers to break a few packs and set the game alight. The game couldn’t have started better as the ball was won and sent forward where the defingered big man in Roofy showed why he’s such an integral part of this team with a telling mark and goal to set the United faithful in raptures. Seconds later, Drake marked after some great work down the field and his set shot from 40 out sailed through to set the tone for the day where the two big fellas gave the Bomber coaching staff headaches as they tried to cope first with the height, then the pace of Hoyt, Gordo, DT and Oscar.

Milwaukee settled though and dug in for a rear guard effort as their midfielders started to get more of the ball especially through Noonan and perenial pain in the arse for United, Ross Siegal. They were able to find big Heath at Center Half Forward who was having a classic match up with Poncho and the two walruses (or MAAFL legends as they prefer) down back in Plugger and Big Al were duking it out like old time prize fighters but the United backline stayed strong and great movement through the middle by Funky, Fitz and Hayse resulted in Roofy latching onto a loose ball and soccering home Chicago’s third of the quarter and send them into the break 3.3: 21 to 0.2: 2 up.

Drake and the coaching staff resisted the urge to make changes but brought Deri Morgan on to control the dangerous Noonan and he did a fine job until the top of his head came into contact with the equally hard head of Joe Casanovas sending both to the canvas and knocking Deri out of the game. More bad news was that Milwaukee were able to hit back with 2 goals of their own as they insured Chicago were not going to have the day to themselves. Chicago was able to kick a settler before Haysie ran onto a loose ball and snapped, on the left just quietly, goal of the year (and yes, to Haysies later chagrin, as he asked his loving wife Katie about it, she looked at him puzzled then stated those famous words, ‘Oh sorry Ryan, I misssed it, must’ve been when I went to get another 312 from the car’) that set the United boys alight and they continued to attack the Milwaukee backline which bent but didn’t break. Ambrosino was having a fine game and was rewarded with a late goal to send the United boys into the long break 5.7: 37 to 2.3: 15 up and full of vigor as an unlikely win became more of a possibility.

The third quarter is where games are won and lost and the coach pointed to one spot where this game was going to be won and it was the massive clash of Poncho and Heath going on at center half forward for the Bombers. For once, Drake was correct as Poncho’s third quarter gave Chicago an even bigger step up as he completely dominated Heath and controlled the Milwaukee forwards with plenty of help from Funky, Al, Disco and Betty Palmer. On the top side, Chicago had stacked Fitz, Hayse and Oscar and as the Bomber on ballers started to tire these three started to dominate as they found plenty of space. Big Stace was starting to take over in the ruck and Isadores tag on Noonan was wearing the West Aussie down.

All this meant plenty of opportunites for the United forwards who sensed a feeding frenzy. After an errant Milwaukee kick in, Drake was able to mark and was assisted to the ground by Bomber stalwart Gary earning a 50 m penalty which he duly popped through. Big Roofy was next in line as fine play from MacGlashan found Miller who kicked to an unmarked Crackers on the wing. His kick to his coach was a classic as it let the big fella run onto it and hit big Roofy on the left tit as he led from full forward. roofy somehow dropped it but buttered up better than a Hoyt at 3am in the morning and snapped truly.

From the ensuing center bounce, Poncho was able to gather and burst through a pack and send the kangaroo skin gyrating forward where Drake marked 45 m out dead in front. His third for the afternoon was the first nail in the Bomber coffin as they threw men left, right and center trying to stop the incredible run the Chicago boys had got going.

The third quarter ended with Chicago leading 8.10: 58 to 2.5: 18 and with the rout on, Chicago looked to kick more goals as the Bombers tried to stop them and keep their MAAFL hopes alive.

With the Chicago runners completely dominating the center bounces and blokes like Hayes, Brennan, Casanovas, Fitzgerald and Tyrekos running wild out wide, Milwaukee dropped 3 spare men back to stop the bleeding and they were able to control the flow of goals but not the constant delivery. Ambrosino was the first to break the blockade with a smart soccer goal that was his second for the afternoon. Chicago continued to push everything and everyone forward trying to pile on the goals but it took a checkside from a vocal Oscar Meyer to bring up Chicago’s second for the quarter. The game ended, with Milwaukee kicking a late goal that had hearts racing as the triumphant Chicago team left the ground and headed straight for the calculators. Realising no one on the team knew how to use it, a phone call to Mustard revealed the news that all had hoped for, that United had leap frogged the highly fancied Bombers to lead the MAAFL fight.

I think I speak for everyone… GO MINNESOTTA!!!!!


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Milwaukee 0.2.2 2.1.13 0.2.2 1.1.7 3.6.24
United 3.3.21 2.4.16 3.3.21 2.4.16 10.14.74
Goals Milwaukee: None
United: Drake (3), Ward (3), Ambrosino (2), Hayes, Meyer
Best Milwaukee: None
United: Ward, Ambrosino, Hayes, Fitzgerald, Bradley, Wolfe

United Shoot Down Bombers, Clinch MAAFL Crown 0

Chicago was finally able to snap its 6 year drought and return the MAAFL cup home after an emphatic 46 point win over the Milwaukee Bombers. Bolstered by the return of Warrick Burgmann (6 goals) and inspired by fellow United legend Al MacGlashan (3 goals), the boys from Chicago were to strong for a determined yet undermanned Milwaukee squad.

The conditions for football were perfect. On Chicago’s magnificent lakeshore, with nary a cloud in sight, these two old foes met once again in battle with 14 a side. Chicago struck first through Big Al but the Bombers bit back almost straight away. Chicago found it hard to move the ball with the quick heeled Bombers dominating scrimmages. The play seemed to be all Milwaukee as they ran the ball with ease and put tremendous pressure on the Chicago defense which looked fractured. Seemingly against the play, Gambas was able to goal for Chicago and after a lovely mark, Burgmann put the United boys further ahead as the tall timber up front in MacGlashan, Burgmann and Ternes started to give the Bombers headaches. After two quick goals by Milwaukee, Ehlers goaled followed by a freak goal from MacGlashan that sent the 200 strong crowd into hysterics. Patty Hoyt slipped through a classic crumbers goal on the siren to send United into the first break 6.0: 36 to a very disappointed Milwaukee 3.0: 18 who had done enough to be a lot closer.

The Chicago defense was given a lovely dressing down by their injured coach and they were able to respond in kind with a marvelous second quarter led by club President Drew Ehlers and last gamer ‘Biggun’ Jackson by shutting down Milwaukee. At the other end, Burgmann was able to add another while a free kick to Billy Uhlmann set up Chicago’s second. Chicago still struggled with movement through the middle but the move of Palmer (wing) and Deri Morgan into the center late in the quarter had an instant effect as the two were able to set up several forward thrusts. At the long break, United led 8.3: 51 to the Bombers 3.2: 20

The premiership quarter belonged to Chicago as they could taste their first MAAFL flag in United colors and their first in six years since the barnstorming Swans of 01. Three players, MacGlashan, Frank Bradley and Dan Kastilahn remain from that famous team and each was putting in their best as Chicago slammed on 6 big ones for the quarter. After a quiet first half, big, bustling Roofy was moved into the ruck where he was able to take the game over. He kicked truly to start the Chicago onslaught. Ambrosino kicked truly followed by MacGlashan for his third. Ternes went to the bench and Burgmann to full forward where the boy from Katandra became an irresistable force. He banged on three, all from huge grabs which sent at least 4 girls in the crowd into hysterics. But for some bad kicking, the big fella may have had another three. At the long break, Chicago seemed to have the game in the bag as they led by 68 points 14.5: 89 to a shell shocked Milwaukee 3.3: 21.

Milwaukee went into the final quarter knowing they had only kicked 3 points in the previous 2 quarters of football. 10 minutes after the bounce, they had added 6 straight goals and were on fire as the Chicago midfield collapsed, along with their much vaunted defense. A flurry of activity on the Chicago bench saw Jackson, De Jong, Roofy and an injured Funky Miller thrown back into the game to stem the bleeding out of the middle and down back. The game to and fro-ed as Chicago tried to wrestle the ascendancy from the upbeat reigning premier who sniffed an improbable come back. A goal to Roofy stopped the rot for Chicago and when Burgmann hauled in another big one handed grab before kicking his sixth, the game was over and wild celebrations started across Chicago. Best On Ground Warrick Burgmann, interviewed after the game praised ‘his’ supporters and his teammates stating “yeeeeess mate, nice one. Happy to be back in the United colors showing both big Al and Ternesy how to mark and kick”. For Milwaukee, the game showed what could have been. They were able to play sustained, attacking football in short bursts but were completely outgunned in their backline as they gave away several inches to Burgmann, Ternes and MacGlashan. The Bomber forward line was starved of quality balls as the suffocating Chicago backline took its toll but their midfield was able to run all day and they always bought numbers to the ball as evidenced in their sensational final term.

Chicago were well below their best but had enough to win the game. Burgmann and MacGlashan were unstoppable up front and after a poor start, Miller, Ehlers, Poncho and Jackson headed an impenetrable defense. The move of Deri Morgan, Roofy and Betty Palmer into the middle was the impetus that created the run that finally got the United team going. All up though, this was a fantastic season for United as they take an undefeated MAAFL season into the Nationals in Louisville, full of confidence.


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
United 6.0.36 2.3.15 6.2.38 2.2.14 16.7.103
Milwaukee 3.0.18 0.2.2 0.1.1 6.0.36 9.3.57
Goals United: Burgmann (6), MacGlashan (3), Ward (2), Uhlmann, Gambas, Hoyt P, Ambrosino, Ehlers
Milwaukee: None
Best United: Burgmann, MacGlashan, Ehlers, Palmer, Bradley, Jackson, Miller
Milwaukee: None