United head north to battle Bombers


The Chicago United will make the lovely trip up 94 north to the green pastures of Brown Deer Park which plays home to the Milwaukee Bombers. A recent change in game time tip off this Saturday at 11am will allow both teams to support the US Soccer Team in their face off against Ghana at 1PM. AJ Bombers, the Milwaukee Bombers sponsor pub, will play host to the rowdy and battered bunch.

The Milwaukee Bombers and Chicago United matchup is one of USAFL’s longest and most heated rivalries. The expectations for both parties are high with the men of the United looking to keep the MAAFL crown and the ‘Bomb-Squad’ looking to regain their former glory of years before.

After trips to Columbus and Denver have stretch the United roster thin, Coach Hendrie is extremely confident in the full cast of characters he plans to put on the pitch come tomorrow morning. Many of the lads have made their way back from South Africa and perhaps even sobered up. Oscar Meyer has been seen leaving Heathrow Airport with a Carlsberg in hand. Not to worry, his last Metro match proved his stench can often play to full forward’s advantage.

Many of the new rookies have moved beyond the first year jitters and bring a new level of fitness and speed to the club. Jason “Buddy Holly” Wilhelm will be back in the ruck which should allow new boys Pedro and Jayson to run wild right from the whistle. Brandon Harper has proven to make people miss and will provide ample support in midfield and forward lines. Newbie Patrick McHale will hold ground in the back and possesses great tackling abilities and vision to move the ball quickly out of the back.

Let’s not forget the vets. Eons of experience will be making the trip and Chicago will have a full squad running like crazy. Matty L, Toby, and IrishAmerican Graham Cracker will patrol the midfield with support from the outside gazelles in Billy The Nut and Hazey. Getting the ball outside and down the flanks using these speedy midfielders will prove to be asset at the big Brown Deer Park pitch.

Big Rohan Ward will be launching the aerial assault on the Bomber squad. And with Big Roofs proud parents making the trip from Oz, he’ll be itching for a bag-o-goals. Needless to say Roofy often gets doubled-up so support from Oscar Meyer will be crucial. Still unknown is one Brian Hoyt. United last match up against Cincy saw the leader of the epic “Sweet Package” band with two left hands – more like stumps or nubbins’. It was even seen post-game when Hoyty let several cold beers slip through his fingers. However, the always extroverted and confident Brian will be sure to make a needed impact against a staunched Milwaukee defense.

Milwaukee has their gunners too. Aussie Nathan Coad has bagged his share of goals for the Bombers. Corey Malchow has effectively controlled the midfield for Milwaukee this year showing skill and athleticism resulting in several BOGs. Rookie Ferrari has also shown footy is the game for him utilizing a big leg and great vision.

However, they will all have to come through the MAAFL’s most feared defense captained by President Frank Bradley. Even though Frank is well past his prime and lacks any real game with the ladies off the field, he continues to be a force and the anchor in the United defense. In support will be the confident BJ Gambaro who is not to be underestimated. His skill and poise in the back is often the catalyst behind many great United runs. Fitzgerald will look to get the ball outside and up to the big lads up top, while Betty Palmer will lurk in the shadows hoping to plant a big hit on any Bombers crossing his path.

Ball up at 11AM. Hope to see many United Fans in support of this great game and great team.

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  • Thomas Shearman
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