Chicago Crowned Kings of the Midwest


Chicago, IL- Chicago United claimed their third MAAFL title in a row after another devastating display of Australian Rules Football on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan. This weeks victim was their old foes from Wisconsin who made the 90 mile trek down the I-90 with a handy team of 22. In what will hopefully be the perfect prelude to tonight Bears v Packers game, the lads from Illinois out marked, out kicked, out muscled and out played the cheeseheads.

Though starting the game with several top name players out including Ward, Hayse, DeJong, Uhlmann, Gunn, Kia Forte and OBK, the Chicago United was able to draw first blood early when Big, Bad Al MacGlashan presented at full forward and took a strong mark on the lead and then cooly went back, cocked that magnificent left hoof and went BANG from 50. He followed this up with two more strong marks and from closer in, missed by a country mile both times. Gordon Ambrosino was proving a handful with his pace and he was rewarded with a smart goal from a snap to bring up Chicagos second.

Milwaukee were not to be outdone and kicking with what little breeze there was on this magnificent Chicago day, they found the big fella in Paul O’Connor who used his impressive bulk to out bustle his opponent to mark and goal, bringing up the Bombers first. Chicago continued to attack and Big Al was proving a huge thorn in the Milwaukee behind as he provided the perfect target for his midfielders. Another mark and goal from the great man sent the United out in front by 15 points as the Bombers looked to stem the flow of easy balls into the Chicago forwards. As they tightened so did the game as both midfields looked to gain the edge. Milwaukee, with Sarbacker, Andrews and the Bill Lawry lookalike, inflated proboscis and all, Robbie Humphries had plenty of experience over the United midfield of Deehan, Herrmann and Brennan but with big Stacey Elmore doing a great job in the ruck, honors were even at the first break. At quarter time, Chicago led 3.5: 23 to 1.2: 8

Chicago again took control early as they looked to open up a big lead on the Bombers. A huge roar came from the crowd as Chicago footballing legend Warrick Burgmann trotted out to take up his place at center half forward on the ground that became his second home and now bares his name. But it was his 2 old mates that were causing all the havoc. Drew Ehlers was providing a great target and Big Al was everywhere. MacGlashan goaled after yet another fine grab and added his fourth minutes later as Chicago threatened to blow the game apart. Nolan McKeegan showed a glimpse of brilliance with his first for the game and all of a sudden Milwaukee were under the pump and looking to stop the rot. They managed to steady and through their aforementioned midfield and tightening backs, put together a great period of football. Bruce Bielffus was able to cap off the hard work with Milwaukee’s second before Chicago again took control. With Gambaro, Bradley, Palmer, Wolfe, Kastilahn and Fitzgerald dominating the Bomber forwards, momentum switched again and a long ball into the forward line spilled to Burgmann whose run around the flank and goal from the boundary line brought a tear to the assembled crowd as memories of the great man at his best came flooding back. But instead of Gambaro chasing him in a Blue jumper, the two legends were together and both continued to put their stamp on the game. At the half, Chicago had shot out to a commanding lead 7.12: 54 to 2.4: 16

Chicago looked to finish the Bombers off in the quickly fading light. MacGlashan again was the focal point as he led hard and was rewarded with a lovely grab 50 out which he, incredibly, handballed off to a dashing Anthony Sacco who was playing possibly his best game in United colors. Sacco, Didak like, took a bounce and on that magnificent left trotter of his went BANG to bring up his first. This time Milwaukee hit back early as some nifty run through the center saw the dismantled proboscis get on the end of a probing handball and from a long way out Humphries went BANG towards the empty goalsquare bringing up the Bombers third. Then a strange thing happened, a little known Irishman playing his first season of Australian Football took control of the game from a forward flank. MacGlashan marked too far for even him to consider having a ping and his ensuing pass to the little Paddy in McKeegan was a shocker but he was good enough to take possession and dodge one, stiff arm another and then from 40 go BANG to bring up his second. Minutes later he showed a tonne of dash around the flank and from distance, magnificently snapped on his right foot to set the cat right amongst the pigeons and send his team into the orange break 49 point leaders, 10.12: 72 to 3.5: 23

Chicago looked to continue the rout as their midfield took control and their backs completely shut down the Bomber forwards. MacGlashan was again the recipient of some great work up the ground and his leading and marking was a highlight of the game. He slotted through two more for the quarter to give him a bag of 6 goals for the day, a tally even Lisa would be impressed with. Big Drew Ehlers was finally rewarded with his first after he played a ripper of a game and the goals didn’t stop there. McKeegan again got amongst it and was able to kick truly after being too quick for his opponent and then after a lovely handball from Sacco, Drake went bounding down the outer flank and from 40, on the boundary and ON THE LEFT FOOT (just quietly), he went BANG to put Chicago 81 points up and well on their way to the clubs fourth title and third on the trot.

Not to be outdone, Milwaukee were able to hit back with Humphries again proving his ability. Despite having two rolls of toilet paper shoved up his nose to control the bleeding from his now magnificently remodeled schnoz, Humphries took a couple of great marks on the lead and was able to kick three late goals for the visitors and put some respectability on the board. At the final siren, Chicago 15.15: 105 def Milwaukee 6.6: 42

The win caps off a marvelous MAAFL season for the United who went through undefeated, claiming their third title in a row along the way and fourth all up. All eyes now turn to Mason, Ohio as Nationals loom large. With Forte, Ward, DeJong, Hayse, Uhlmann and others looking to make their way back into the team, positions are tight and your attendance at training will help your claims no end. Next Saturday is the big clash between the Tigers of Lincoln Square and the Rhinos of Wrigleyville. Piranhas need to supply two boundaries, a central and goal umpires. More details to follow.


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
United 3.5.23 4.7.31 3.0.18 5.3.33 15.15.105
Milwaukee 1.2.8 1.2.8 1.1.7 3.1.19 6.6.42
Goals United: MacGlashan (6), McKeegan (4), Ehlers, Drake, Ambrosino, Burgmann, Sacco
Milwaukee: None
Best United: MacGlashan, Sacco, Hermann, Gambaro, Fitzgerald, Bradley
Milwaukee: None

Tyler Dorsett; Tyler sustained a nasty injury to his hand…. trying to open the dunny door! Sanitary reasons, no one is to go within 20 yds of him as an open wound in those dunnies can’t be good!

Nolan McKeegan

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