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United...When It Rains, It Pours 0

And that’s just what Brian Hoyt said after a massive 7 goal haul against the combination squad of Cinci and Louisville (the Ohio Valley). The day started hot and humid on the lakefront with both teams looking to move forward from their previous games. The combine was coming off a hard fought traveling loss against Nashville while Chicago wanted to continue on from their strong finish against the Blues last weekend.

United came out strong with the first couple of goals. Hoyt with a great grab in the goal square followed by MacGlashan with his trademark “over the shoulder” snap. Brian was able to kick another couple to finish with 3 majors for the term while the combine scored a couple themselves. The backline, lead by Frank Bradley did a great job holding up any forward thrusts and were unlucky to be scored against. Craig “Funky” Miller was getting a few early touches and Neil “Nemo” Morrissey was solid at the last line-these three would battle hard all day. The midfield was looking dangerous with Rohan “Roofy” Ward dominating the ruck with great support from Dave Allen, Ryan Hayes, Billy Ulhmann and Paul “Oscar” Meyer. At the first break, Chicago was up 4-2 to 2 goals straight.

The second quarter found Chicago able to kick another 3 goals but missed out on capitalising on other opportunities and really could have broken the game open before half time. The Dockers/Kings team was able to make the most of their opportunities and managed to put another couple of goals on the board. The second quarter saw the weather make a huge impact on the day when the skies opened up and produced some of the heaviest rain seen in quite a few seasons. This made the ball very slippery (so much so that the umpire wanted to change the ball?) and extremely hard to control. United’s inability to make the most of their chances early in the game really kept the visitors in the match. With the wet conditions, whoever wanted it more would win. At half time Ohio trailed the United boys by 3 goals. Chicago 7-7 to Dockers/Kings 4-1

Whatever stirring words acting coach Dan Kastilahn said at half time must of sunk in pretty well as the third quarter proved to be the game breaker for Chicago. With the field as slick as a “Wazza text message” and the ball harder to pick-up than Betty Palmer (maybe the wrong example?) the United boys rallied hard to kick 3 goals to the opposition’s single goal. In these conditions this would ultimately be the difference. Some great running through the middle and stubborn defence enabled the forward line to disolve any chance of a Ohio comeback. Deri Morgan started to gather possessions as did BJ Gambaro. Oscar was an intergral part of the offensive thrusts coupled with Haysie. The forwards were presenting themselves and Brian Hoyt was the main contributor with another 3 goals to bring his final total for the day to 7. At the last break United had a comanding lead….Chicago 11-6 Cinci/Louisville 5-3.

The final quarter was pretty much all Chicago but again failed to put their dominance on the scoreboard. Drew “da Prez” Ehlers was able to pick up the ball in the trying conditions and score United’s ony goal for the term. The workrate was there but the goals did not come. The effort had again lifted with the likes of Gordo showing some real heart and desperation. The run did not drop from the middle, Roofy, Dave Allen, Anthony “Didak” Sacco, Haysie and Billy providing plenty of drive while again the backline battled hard in the wet conditions to keep the visitors goaless in the final term. The guys rotating off the bench like Biggsy, Panek and Wolfe tried hard when given the opportunity. Betty was doing his job on the the dangerous Matt Seuling, a daunting task for anyone. At the final siren Chicago had beaten the Docker/Kings outfit convincingly with an end result of 11-13 (79) to Ohio 5-6 (36).

It was pretty good effort on Chicago’s behalf especially with Coach Drake missing at a family reunion and Assitant Coach “Midway” Mustard sitting exams. The backline did well as a group and were unlucky a couple of times. The midfield slogged it out in the guts and did well to push back into defence while the forward line was solid with Brian Hoyt the standout for the day. The conditions were not great but United kept going and in the end were able to enjoy a well deserved win.

A special thanks to the people who helped off the field too, Kristen, Pat Hoyt,Jezza, Nick and Lisa…Cheers…Did I forget anyone?


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
United 4.2.26 3.5.23 4.0.24 0.6.6 11.13.79
Cincinnati 2.0.12 2.1.13 1.2.8 0.3.3 5.6.36
Goals United: Hoyt B (7), MacGlashan, Ehlers, Hayes, Allen D
Cincinnati: None
Best United: Hoyt B, Allen D, Bradley, Uhlmann, Ward
Cincinnati: None

Chicago Trumps Kings 0

In beautiful Rogers Park on a sun drenched day and with numerous United players swapping jumpers to help out the boys from Kentucky, interstate football came back to Chicago.  Chicago won the toss and Captain Kastilahn decided to kick with the aid of the 3 or 4 goal breeze.  Chicago started strong and repeated forays forward towards a lovely, open forward line where the two flankers in Hoyt and McClamroch were finding plenty of space resulted in numerous set shots with no result.  B. Hoyt was showing some rare form on what must be his favourite ground and was taking some big grabs but his kicking let him down as the points kept coming until McClamroch, the boy from Cinci and an old foe of the Kings swept on a losse ball 40 out, dodged one and went BANG from 30 to nail Chicago’s first.  All the Kings men in the center started to get more of the ball and their run was magnificent as they surged forward and brought up their first major of the day to go into the first break a mere 5 points down.

Louisville 1.2: 8 v a disappointed Chicago whose control of the game up to this point was not reflected on the scoreboard due to poor kicking with 1.7: 13

The second term was all Louisville with moments of champagne Brian Hoyt.  The Louisville midfield was in control and with the massive battle of Jacko at centre half back on Captain Coach Matt swinging the big King’s way, goals started raining for Louisville.  Burgmann (Louisville) was on fire in the ruck giving sleepy and sissy first use of the ball and despite their inexperience, the two lads used the ball wonderfully when going forward.  The Kings slammed on 5 of the best against Chicagos 2 against the breeze, both both of those booted by the irrepresible Brain Hoyt who was being a right pain in the rear end of the Louisville side.  With Hoyt finding room all over the middle and McClamroch being busy on the other flank, the two were able to keep Chicago in it at the half as Mustard De Jong and MacGlashan were being very well held with no thanks going to their midfield and half backers for some sloppy delivery.  At the half, the Kings leapt out to a handy lead 6.5: 41 to Chicagos 3.7: 25

Umpire, Coach, Commentator, Scorekeeper and Timer Drake had a few choice words at the half and swung some big moves that had an instant effect.  Mustard went into the ruck to face Burgmann, MacGlashan came out to center half forward and Ehlers went to full forward to see if the 3 big United fellas could impose their will on the game.

The Kings runners were still causing havoc all over the ground but slowly the United midfield started to get on top being ably led by new recruits Whitey and ‘Front’ Meyer.  Ambrosino started to find more of the ball as Mustards ruck work and strong marking around the ground gave the Chicago boys more of the Kangaroo skin.  Ambrosino, as he always does, popped up for his first of the game, a lovely kick from 40 odd out.  Minutes later he was able to find the ‘Front’ man in Meyer who went back and kicked truly and all of a sudden the boys from Americas best city started to get a sniff.  A quick kick out of the center by Gordo set a lively Biggs in motion and he collected the ball 30 out, weaved around one and slipped out a lovely handball (on his left hand if memory serves me?) to a galloping McClamroch who burst through a pack of Kings and went BANG to register goal of the day and bring the incredibly good looking crowd (am I wrong?) to life.

At the orange break, Chicago lead 7. 11: 53 to 6. 7: 43.

The last quarter promised to be a ripper and the boys from just below the Mason Dixon, although tiring threw everything at a United team whose tail was wagging at the moment.  They attacked constantly with the breeze, only to be thwarted time and again by Kastilahn who was amongst Chicagos best, Betty Palmer who is starting to run into form, the hard hitting little Case and a white hot Funky Miller who shrugged off a poor first half to dominate the second.  Louisville banged on one to get closer but there on in it was all Chicago.  Miller was running riot off the half back line with Kastilahn and Betty constantly feeding him.  Hoyt was being given far to much room and was able to expose the tiring Louisville backline.  McClamroch stepped up another gear and added another goal to put his hand up for best on ground.  Drew Ehlers, kept very quiet all day, hit his straps in the last and provided the marking power up forward that Chicago had so sorely missed and managed to bag himself 3 in the process which just quietly could have been 4 for the quarter as he very unselfishly and very surprisingly to all assembled, dished off a handball to the effervescent Biggs who kicked truly to put the game away.

For the Chicago brains trust it was a good win and they can be very happy with the second half, particularly the running and movement of the ball to space.  The form of the Hoyts, McClamroch and emergence of Case were all high points but the skills were worrying with MacGlashan most likely being very sore after being at the bottom of many a pack after healthy leads.  It’s not for this scribe to mention but i will of course, that when Big Al did get one out in front and with the lead out towards his adoring wife and beautiful little girl, daddy decided to show off and take the big grab with the old noggin instead of the two big mitts.  Funny stuff indeed but leave it up to Al to deliberately let a fast moving footy hit him in the honker for the amusement of all.  Always thinking of others is Big Al.

For the Kings, a great game and a welcome back to the big time of MAAFL football.  Matt’s boys equipped themselves extremely well and with a big recruiting campaign in process in the Derby city, we can expect a big showing from the mint julip crowd in future.


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
United 1.7.13 2.0.12 4.4.28 5.6.36 12.17.89
Louisville 1.2.8 5.3.33 0.2.2 1.1.7 7.8.50
Goals United: Ehlers (3), Hoyt B (3), McClamroch (3), Ambrosino (2), Biggs, Meyer
Louisville: None
Best United: Hoyt B, McClamroch, Ambrosino, White, Kastilan
Louisville: None