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Onwards and upwards for United! 0

CHICAGO, IL – This was certainly a home game that concerned us with OHV fielding almost a full strength outfit. Chicago missing a few players from their victory in Columbus a few weeks earlier looked to their veterans on Saturday. played in 70 degree heat and in between showers the home side stepped out from the first bounce full of running and never looked back. Winning the toss and kicking with what looked like a 4-5 goal breeze the United lads took full advantage kicking 5 goals to a solitary behind in the first.

The second quarter saw the Dockers remain solid and hold their own outscoring a United side that was at times wasteful coming into the forward line in a flukey breeze. The Dockers went into the main break 33 points in arrears. With their back line playing well under constant pressure the oppostion coach called for reinforcements and flooded the United forward line, this got the desired result with the United team only able to register 2 goals for the quarter.

The breeze seemed to die in the last and the United side were able to hold a gallant and spirited visiting side and run out comfortable victors in the end 91 to 19.

Big thanks once again go to Paul Drake who donned the orange and black and took on the officiating duties with aplomb. The United boys head out to Denver on 19th June to take on one of the powerhouses of the USAFL, a big challenge awaits.


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
United 5.5.35 1.5.11 2.5.17 4.4.28 12.19.91
Cincinnati 0.1.1 2.0.12 0.0.0 1.0.6 3.1.19
Goals United: Ward (3), Allen T (2), Doorhy J, Forte, Blundell, Hoyt B, Leibowitz, McKeegan, Hayes
Cincinnati: None
Best United: Forte, Gambaro, Uhlmann
Cincinnati: None

Dockers set sail for Chicago 0

CHICAGO, IL- The Cincinnati Dockers, the nations oldest Australian Football team, head up the I65 this weekend to take on one of the nations best in the Chicago United who are running hot after a tough opener against the Jackaroos of Columbus two weeks ago. In what was the perfect preparation for the long MAAFL season, the United stormed to victory in the last quarter against a vastly improved and energetic Jacks team bragging big guns in Chet Ridenour, Evan Gardiner, John Fisher and the little pop gun in Scoota Matheson who all took it up to their highly fancied opponents.

The Dockers on the other hand are still picking leather out of their behinds after Luke Nemeth and co treated them like a red headed step child when Nashville visited for the John Harrell Memorial cup but the boys in the pretty red, white, purple and green strips held their own against little Scoota and co so this game can not be taken lightly by Hendrie and his Chicago charges who look to dominate the competition and serve notice to their old foes in the music city.

The purple people eaters are the reigning Divvy 4 champions and are looking to build on that success with a good showing against the United who have become the measuring stick in the MAAFL. Past games have been spirited to say the least and this one should be no exception though there hasn’t been a team in a bloody long time come in and beat Chicago in Chicago (New York I think??? Or was it the Gambaro/ Carroll led Blues of St Louis in 2004?) so it’s hard to see how the Docks can win this one but footy is a funny game indeed. A run through the Chicago line up presents Hendrie, Hayse and the other selectors with a wonderful problem that other teams in the US would love to have, an abundance of players that have stepped up in terms of personal commitment and fitness. Hendrie has not skipped a beat after taking over the United reins and the Chicago engine is revving like Ponchos vesper as it zooms up and down Halsted. Hendrie will, however, have the unenviable task of telling stalwarts and new guns alike that they’ve missed the opportunity to play in front of what will be a huge crowd this Saturday. On the small expanse of Waveland Fields, Hendrie will look for plenty of pace from the likes of Hayse, Uhlmann, Dhoory and Brennan who have all been on fire thus far. Dhoory, Brennan and Uhlmann in particular are all class and make up one of the best midfields this side of Punt Rd. The flying peanut, in this scribes opinion, maybe more valuable to this team than the big man in Roofy and his play around the ground will present the Dockers with a huge challenge in stopping him. The backline is just brutal with Gambaro and co ready to have their way with the Docker forwards. Key to this game will be the amount of room Hendrie and Chicago can generate for Roofy to operate in and how good the delivery is to the great man. With his stunning bride in attendance, Roofy will be looking for a bag to go with the 20 odd grabs Hendrie is hoping for from the Matty Richardson like champion.

This should be a great game for a half but the as Hendrie points out, the big men don’t get any smaller and the Chicago skyscrapers will be too big and strong for the Dockers big men who look to have their work cut out for them. Look for another massive game from Jason Wilhelm who has been a sensation this season. The boys love his effort and raw ability, the girls love everything else about him and those roving him are licking their lips at the prospect of ball on tit all day. Oscar, Hoyt, McKeegan and the faltering Chicago forwards should have a break out day on their own dung heap as goals and lots of them become the order of the day.

Chicago to run away with this after half time by a lazy 8 goals. Post match function will be at Brownstone Tavern and all are expected to attend. Bring as many people as you can to both the game and after party as this game will demonstrate the best Chicago footy has to offer. Should be a great day weather wise so if an umpire seems slightly intoxicated, that may very well be the case!

United Effort Overpowers Tenacious River Rats 0

It was a dreary, murky morning when the heavily favored boys from Chicago took their allocated seats and began the long drive down the I-65 to meet the Ohio Valley River Rats in Cincinnati. Luckily, United had sent three lads in Basher, Forte and young Jack Thompson down the night before to at least have some players fresh and settled for the season opener. United were to welcome first MAAFL gamers in ‘Rocky’ Deehan, Nolan McKeegan, Basher, Forte and young Jack Thompson. Selectors were impressed by Rocky’s commitment to looking after himself by attending a relaxing evening at the Art Museum the night before. The poor lad was then so anxious about the game he was unable to get to sleep. The anxiety continued throughout the day with repeated vomiting. Bloody lucky he played well!

The team eventually arrived in Cinci expecting to see Bash, Forte and young Jack Thompson awaiting them but alas this was not to be and it wasn’t to be for a long time afterwards. United had also learnt of the loss of Pace, Clarkey and The Kid on the journey down so the team was 6 players short of what was expected to start the game. The weather had cleared up setting the scene for a great game of football.

United’s team was reshuffled to account for missing players and they started well with an early goal to Hoyt. This was about the only joy for Chicago in the 1st Quarter as the River Rats begun to run rampant around the ground winning possession at will and easily moving the ball amongst themselves without any pressure. Matt Suellar was dominant up forward for the Rats overpowering his quality Chicago opponents and kicking 3 of their 5 goals for the quarter. While ‘Lenny’ Ehlers was able to score his first goal against the tide for United to add some respectability to the scoreboard, the team looked like they’d all been eating meat pies throughout the 5 hour journey that morning. To add to the disappointment of the 1st Quarter, United cruelly lost the services for the rest of the game of top player, ‘Poncho’ Bradley with a dislocated shoulder. Roofy Ward, Crackers Brennan and Lenny were the exceptions in a lack lustre display.

While the team was disapponted with their efforts, after a cool, quiet quarter time discussion amongst the team, their was a strong resolve to do better in the 2nd Quarter. The team was also bolsted by the appearance of Basher, Forte and young Jack Thompson at the field. Apparently the three lads thought it was a 20 minute trip from Louisville to Cinci rather than the 2 hours that it actually took.

The intensity lifted ten fold in the 2nd Quarter with the River Rats sensing the biggest upset in US Footy history and United determined to reverse the flow of the game. Two quick goals to Lenny and one to Betty Palmer tightened the game up before Ohio Valley rolled the dice again and extended their lead with a couple of goals. The desire from both teams was obvious with players throwing themselves at the ball willing their team to take the momentum. First gamer Nolan McKeegan entered the fray and was an unlikely star for United and it was his hard work to get the ball to Roofy who tied up the scores at half time.

The game was balancing on a razor’s edge at half time though the feeling in the United camp was that the game had turned. Chicago’s onballers were winning plenty of the ball and were moving it quickly to the dominant Roofy and Lenny up forward. The support for each other in contests that was lacking early in the game was suddenly there with plenty of options provided to blokes stuck in tight situations. Forte moved down back to support his skipper, BJ Gambaro, and together they were wrestling control from Sueller up that end of the ground. The team knew that sticking to their style of play was going to be too much for the River Rats to overcome.

The 3rd Quarter begun very much like the first with liitle drive through the center and Coach Mustard was preparing himself for another cool, quiet discussion with his troops. While Ohio Valley once again dominated the midfield a determined defence for United prevented any scoring. Inspired by the work of Fitzy, BJ, Forte and Rocky down back the rest of the team cam to life. Great team play by Betty and Nolan resulted in Fitzy scoring a goal followed by more quality team goals to Oscar and Lenny. This was to be the last resistance from the River Rats as the remainder of the game was all Chicago. In what was a game in the balance at half time, Chicago were going into the last quarter with a 23 point lead.

The last quarter rained goals for the men from the windy city as again their quality team play and ball movement ran rings around their gallant opponents and provided plenty of scoring opportunities for their team mates. A lighter and much fitter (though I still wouldn’t let him pet the rabbits, George) Lenny capped off a great game with two more for the quarter to finish with six for the game. Young Jack Thompson provided some quality efforts in defence to once again help keep Ohio Valley scoreless for the quarter and his experience will no doubt prove beneficial in the future.

The game was over and Chicago could feel pleased with a 68 point victory after their longest road trip of the year. Our game style has again progressed from last year and helped to offset a lack of fitness which plagues the club early in the season (those damn Chicago winters). Roofy was sensational at Center Half Forward and will continue to provide plenty of opportunities for anyone who is willing to run to his feet and collect his crumbs. Crackers was the dominant onballer for our club gaining 1000 possessions through the midfield and BJ and Forte were dominant down back after quarter time. The major blow for the club is the loss of Poncho who will be desperated to beat the odds and be available for the big clash against the Nashville Kangaroos on the 30th of May.

Well done to all who made the trip. Anyone who has made a trip to Cinci can attest for it being an absolute classic experience. The game has set the scene for the club to make a charge at becoming the first MAAFL team to 3peat. Positions on the team are only going to be getting hotter with about 6 players returning to the side for the Nashville Kangaroos game on the 30th of May. Getting to trainings can greatly increase your chances of playing.


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Cincinnati 5.0.30 2.1.13 0.0.0 0.0.0 7.1.43
United 2.1.13 4.6.30 3.3.21 7.5.47 16.15.111
Goals Cincinnati: None
United: Ehlers (6), Bashford (2), Meyer (2), Ward (2), Fitzgerald (2), Brennan, Hoyt B, Palmer
Best Cincinnati: None
United: Ehlers, Ward, Fitzgerald, Brennan, McKeegan, Gambaro

Drewbie Ehlers

Rod “Basher” Bashford (arriving late for the game after driving down the day before)

United...When It Rains, It Pours 0

And that’s just what Brian Hoyt said after a massive 7 goal haul against the combination squad of Cinci and Louisville (the Ohio Valley). The day started hot and humid on the lakefront with both teams looking to move forward from their previous games. The combine was coming off a hard fought traveling loss against Nashville while Chicago wanted to continue on from their strong finish against the Blues last weekend.

United came out strong with the first couple of goals. Hoyt with a great grab in the goal square followed by MacGlashan with his trademark “over the shoulder” snap. Brian was able to kick another couple to finish with 3 majors for the term while the combine scored a couple themselves. The backline, lead by Frank Bradley did a great job holding up any forward thrusts and were unlucky to be scored against. Craig “Funky” Miller was getting a few early touches and Neil “Nemo” Morrissey was solid at the last line-these three would battle hard all day. The midfield was looking dangerous with Rohan “Roofy” Ward dominating the ruck with great support from Dave Allen, Ryan Hayes, Billy Ulhmann and Paul “Oscar” Meyer. At the first break, Chicago was up 4-2 to 2 goals straight.

The second quarter found Chicago able to kick another 3 goals but missed out on capitalising on other opportunities and really could have broken the game open before half time. The Dockers/Kings team was able to make the most of their opportunities and managed to put another couple of goals on the board. The second quarter saw the weather make a huge impact on the day when the skies opened up and produced some of the heaviest rain seen in quite a few seasons. This made the ball very slippery (so much so that the umpire wanted to change the ball?) and extremely hard to control. United’s inability to make the most of their chances early in the game really kept the visitors in the match. With the wet conditions, whoever wanted it more would win. At half time Ohio trailed the United boys by 3 goals. Chicago 7-7 to Dockers/Kings 4-1

Whatever stirring words acting coach Dan Kastilahn said at half time must of sunk in pretty well as the third quarter proved to be the game breaker for Chicago. With the field as slick as a “Wazza text message” and the ball harder to pick-up than Betty Palmer (maybe the wrong example?) the United boys rallied hard to kick 3 goals to the opposition’s single goal. In these conditions this would ultimately be the difference. Some great running through the middle and stubborn defence enabled the forward line to disolve any chance of a Ohio comeback. Deri Morgan started to gather possessions as did BJ Gambaro. Oscar was an intergral part of the offensive thrusts coupled with Haysie. The forwards were presenting themselves and Brian Hoyt was the main contributor with another 3 goals to bring his final total for the day to 7. At the last break United had a comanding lead….Chicago 11-6 Cinci/Louisville 5-3.

The final quarter was pretty much all Chicago but again failed to put their dominance on the scoreboard. Drew “da Prez” Ehlers was able to pick up the ball in the trying conditions and score United’s ony goal for the term. The workrate was there but the goals did not come. The effort had again lifted with the likes of Gordo showing some real heart and desperation. The run did not drop from the middle, Roofy, Dave Allen, Anthony “Didak” Sacco, Haysie and Billy providing plenty of drive while again the backline battled hard in the wet conditions to keep the visitors goaless in the final term. The guys rotating off the bench like Biggsy, Panek and Wolfe tried hard when given the opportunity. Betty was doing his job on the the dangerous Matt Seuling, a daunting task for anyone. At the final siren Chicago had beaten the Docker/Kings outfit convincingly with an end result of 11-13 (79) to Ohio 5-6 (36).

It was pretty good effort on Chicago’s behalf especially with Coach Drake missing at a family reunion and Assitant Coach “Midway” Mustard sitting exams. The backline did well as a group and were unlucky a couple of times. The midfield slogged it out in the guts and did well to push back into defence while the forward line was solid with Brian Hoyt the standout for the day. The conditions were not great but United kept going and in the end were able to enjoy a well deserved win.

A special thanks to the people who helped off the field too, Kristen, Pat Hoyt,Jezza, Nick and Lisa…Cheers…Did I forget anyone?


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
United 4.2.26 3.5.23 4.0.24 0.6.6 11.13.79
Cincinnati 2.0.12 2.1.13 1.2.8 0.3.3 5.6.36
Goals United: Hoyt B (7), MacGlashan, Ehlers, Hayes, Allen D
Cincinnati: None
Best United: Hoyt B, Allen D, Bradley, Uhlmann, Ward
Cincinnati: None

Chicago's Big Win a Sign of Things to Come 0

The Cincinnati Dockers once again hosted the team from Chicago in what was near perfect conditions for footy. Chicago unveiled their new jumpers for the first time, a combination of the Sydney Swans and Southport Sharks designs. Looking like a team, the Chicago boys ended up easy winners against a persistent Cinci squad.

United kicked the first goal with Matt Palmer slotting one through early on. The Dockers quickly replied with their first major of the day but it would almost be another 3 quarters before they would score another.

The visiting team was doing well in the middle with ample supply to the forward line. United missed a few opportunities but were still able to open up a handy lead at quarter time, the forwards giving plenty of trouble to the Dockers defence.
Cinci: 1-0 (6) – Chicago 5-8 (38)

The second quarter was more of the same with Chicago starting to control the midfield and forward 50, poor kicking the only problem for United. The Dockers had a couple of chances but the tight Chicago defence did not give an inch. The highlight of the quarter was a great mark by “Best on Ground” Paul Meyer. The little bloke took a tough grab in the goal square with a great leap between 2 Dockers and then kicking truly. Half time had Chicago well in control on the score board.
Cinci: 1-0 (6) – Chicago 9-14(68)

The third quarter saw the Dockers come out strong and were unlucky not to kick a goal on a couple of occasions. The Chicago backline was under a bit more pressure and the running of the first half was starting to show with United legs beginning to tire. Chicago was still able to extend their lead but with many less scoring attempts than in the previous quarters.
Cinci: 1-2 (8) – Chicago 13-19(97)

Cincinnati came out all fired up for the last quarter with the ball spending the first half in their attacking zone. This persistence paid off with a great goal from the boundary line to the Dockers, Chicago looked a little shell shocked by the efforts of their opponents. United still managed to kick a goal but only had 3 scoring shots for the quarter, a far cry from the attempts earlier in the game.

The final result showed the dominance of the United team but as always the Cinci boys never gave up and showed that they could still play great footy with a fantastic effort to the end. Some great matchups were had with the rucks a tight contest and some great efforts on both wings.


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Cincinnati 1.0.6 0.0.0 0.2.2 1.2.8 2.4.16
United 5.8.38 4.6.30 4.5.29 1.2.8 14.21.105
Goals Cincinnati: None
United: MacGlashan (5), Burgmann (4), Ambrosino, Hoyt B, Hoyt P, Meyer, Palmer
Best Cincinnati: None
United: None

Oscar Meyer – 3, Al MacGlashan – 2, J. Dean (Cinci) – 1