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2012 Red and White Night 0

Saturday night’s, night of nights was a spectacular event, pinned by the announcement of the Life Membership Award to none other than Big, Bad Al MacGlashan!  A well deserved award and it was fantastic to see a lot of the past players, coaches and committee men to witness the presentation, and also to add a few words of encouragement.  In fact we should turn it into an annual ‘roast’.  Great to see so many of you out in force, and thanks to Four Corners Tavern Group for looking after us as usual.  Kate and her team did a wonderful job at the SideBar Grill.  The club also topped $10K donated to Lukemia & Lymphoma, Club Treasurer presented another $1,500 Saturday to add to the cause.

Congrats to the following 2012 award winners:

Rich Noty Award – Eric Zukowski
Oxford Landing Coaches Award – Nolan Schmelzer
Athletico Most Improved Award – Keith Campion
MacGlashan Medal (Leading Goal Kicker) – Paul Meyer
Warwick Burgmann Medal (Metro MVP) – Nolan Schmelzer
Qantas Medal (Club MVP) – Russ Adams

2011 Red, Black and White Night 0

Now that you have had a chance to wind down after a busy year of footy, we now look forward to the night of nights, 2011 Presentation Night!  A night where we recognize outstanding perfromances both on and off the field, and those who have joined us and those who will leave us, in addition, who will win the Rich Noty award for recognition of service to the club, the Warwick Burgmann award for Best & Fairest (MVP), the Al McGlashan award for the one who kicked straightest throughout the year and of course the Runaway Train award that Rocky has made his own in recent times?  So dust of the tux and get your dolls all frocked up for our Presentation night on Saturday November 19, 2011 @ 7pm.

Where: SideBar & Grill (LasSalle & Wacker)
When: Saturday November 19
Time: 7pm
Dress: Red, White & Black

Tickets: $40 – ALL inclusive (tax & tip), dinner and drinks.  You must purchase tickets online, this will be our only indication on numbers.

2010 Season Awards 0

The 2010 season finished with a bang at the Red, Black and White Gala held at the Sidebar Grille then celebrated into the wee hours of the morning at Benchmark. The season awards for 2010 went to:

Rich Noty Award – Anthony Hendrie
Coaches Award – Pedro Jimenez
Rookie of the Year – Eric Zukowski
MacGlashan Medal (Goalkicker) – Paul “Oscar” Meyer
Burgmann Medal (Metro B&F) – Matt Leibowitz
MAAFL MVP – Frank “Poncho” Bradley
Runaway Train – Rocky Deehan

Cheers to all on a great season!

2009 CAFA Awards 0

The 2009 CAFA Awards were held at the Schoolyard Tavern on Southport last month. Frankie Bradley started the afternoon off irritating Bears fans by booking the entire back section of the bar…. The Bears continued that streak of irritating Bears fans by playing a game of football.  After much singing and cheesehead bashing, the awards got down to business.

The winners are as follows:
MAAFL Premiership – Chicago United
Metro Premiership – Lincoln Square Tigers
MacGlashan Medal – Rohan “Roofy” Ward
Burgmann Medal – Rohan “Roofy” Ward
Metro B&F Award – Gerard “Rooster” Forte
Rich Noty Clubman award – Paul “Oscar” Meyer
Coaches Award – Ryan “Haysie” Hayes
Best First Year Player – John Scher
Thomas the Tank Engine Runaway Train award – Adrian “Rocky” Deeham

In addition to the presentation of the club awards, the presentation of the first Life Member of the Chicago Australian Football Association was announced. Warrick Burgmann was awarded this prestigous title for his years of dedication to building Australian Rules football in the USA and Chicago.

Coach Matthew “Mustard” de Jong was awarded a service award for his coaching duties over the last three years.