For Tigers, It's as Easy as ABC


Burgmann Fields, Chicago: The Chicago Tribune said it best, “Another Brennan Classic!”

MacGlashan, one of the greatest footballers to come out of Corio Bay, simply shook his head in amazement as Graham ‘Crackers’ Brennan delivered murderous blow after murderous blow to the underbelly of the Rhinos in a B.O.G performance that belied his inexperience in the great game of Australian Rules Football. MacGlashan, considered by many to be the greatest south paw to ever play the game in the United States was speechless as he watched an inexperienced soccer player take apart the famous powder blue in a game that was hard fought from the outset but the class of the Tigers shone through in the end.

The Rhinos were 1 player short and started the game 3 points down after a great show of force from Lincoln Square, just like the Tigers of old. Despite this, the rhinos were able to jump the Tiges and took the lead early after sustained pressure lead to a great first up goal for little Matty Henzel, the nuggety ex Hooker from Brissy. But as the quarter went on, the Tigers were able to turn the momentum and put the Rhino backs under some huge pressure as big guns Nemo and Poncho started to run wild with Brennan, Oscar and Billy getting kicks at will through the center. Dan ‘Thunder’ Thompson got a very iffy free kick but made the most of it with a nice goal and when Hoyt accepted a lovely handball from Johnno and duly bagged his first, the Tigers had their arses up and the Rhinos looked in trouble.

Brennan continued to dominate and he was able to break clear and kick LS’s only goal of the second quarter with a nice bomb from 40 out on the trot. The Rhinos, as they have repeatedly done, were not to be denied however and they hit back magnificently. Drew Wolfe was finding a lot of the ball, Mike Panek had shut down Thompson, John Scher in his second game was starting to frustrate the fancied Tiger forwards and a ripper of a contest was occurring between the in form Brian Hoyt and the Coach as the Rhinos started to get moving, creating the run out of the backline they have become famous for. Gordon Ambrosino was en freakin’ fuego and without Ash Johnson was flying the flag for the Rhinos in what was his best game thus far and equalled Brennans workrate for the Tigers. The repeated attacks of the Rhinos lead to a nice Bretty Isadore goal and at the half, 3.5: 23 led WV 2.3: 15 and it was anyones game.

The premiership quarter was a hard fought affair with both backlines on top. Hoyt was able to break the shackles and kick a cheeky goal before getting another iffy in the back decision which he went back and slammed home for his second of the quarter. Despite repeated forays forward, Nemo, Poncho and the Tiger backs stood tall and shut out the Rhino forwards to send the Tigers into the final quarter 21 points up but with Ambrosino on fire for the Rhinos, there was still hope.

Hoyt went into the ruck to curb the great game Wolfe was playing and Drake went forward to see if the shackles could be broken down there and after Jezza Morgan finally got in front of Pace and goaled on the run, it was a nervous Tiger sideline as the Rhinos continued to apply pressure. The Tigers finally were able to break the back of the Rhinos however with two great goals by Oscar Meyer who had been magnificently tagged by Matty Henzel but the Tiger runners were to good and despite Rhino efforts, were able to dominate in the last part of the quarter. Uhlmann shone bright, Oscar was terrific but it was Brennan that had United fans cheering for the old glory days of the Swans as he looked like big Al MacGlashan running through the middle and kicking bombs after beating three opponents and having a few bounces. The only difference between these two is that Crackers has a right foot. On the other side of the ball, Gordo continued his fantastic game and gave his all to the Rhino cause but it was the Tiges that eventually ran out winners, condemning Wrigleyville to their worst start in 3 seasons, 7. 8: 50 to 3. 6: 24 (-3pts = 21).


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Rhinos 0.0.0 2.3.15 0.0.0 1.0.6 3.3.21
Tigers 0.0.0 3.5.23 0.0.0 4.3.27 7.8.50
Goals Rhinos: Isadore, Morgan J, Henzel
Tigers: Hoyt B (3), Meyer (2), Thompson D, Brennan
Best Rhinos: Henzel, Wolfe, Ambrosino, Scher
Tigers: Meyer, Brennan, Bradley, Uhlmann, Morrisey

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  • Thomas Shearman
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