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Columbus at Chicago 2013

Columbus at Chicago 2013 0

A perfect day for Saturday footy at Waveland. Sponsor’s Day for the Swans, hosting the Columbus Jackaroos who have played 5 games already this year with a 4/1 win/loss record. The Jacks no doubt would be pumped for this one, having lost a heartbreaker in the final last year against us at Nationals. This was the Swans third game of the year, both away losses recorded to Minnesota & Nashville a couple weeks ago.

Both teams had solid squads and this was going to be a tough one to win, even at home. A 75 degree day with the wind blowing to the Southern end, worth maybe a goal or two. Pony Boy won the toss and decided the Swans would kick against it. A decision in hindsight worked against us, Columbus came out of the blocks quickly in the and had our backman under siege, if it hadn’t been for their poor kicking we may have been staring at a large deficit at quarter time. 24 to 0 at the first break.

The second quarter saw the Swans work their way back into the game. Big Al, Oscar & Sainty kicked majors to get us back into the game. Mike Panek came into the forward line and gave us some much needed bite up there. The on ballers began to work their way into the game. Pedro, Keefy, Pat, Sars, EZ, Alex were in and under, and this seemed to ignite the Swans into action. The trusted backline led by Hoyt, Poncho, newcomer Alastair Martin, Conway and Xavier were unlucky to have two goals scored against them. But the Swans found the spark they had been looking for in the first quarter, and were able to match the intensity with the Jackaroos and eventually won the quarter.

The third quarter turned into a dour struggle with no team prepared to give an inch, Josh Edwards was a welcome return to the Swans line up and was working his way into the game. Pony Boy continued on his merry way giving the running lads first use, but while we had quite a bit of the play could not apply score board pressure. We missed a couple of crucial shots on goal, which could have made a difference.

Heading into the last quarter, Columbus held an 8 point lead. We had played well to get ourselves back into the match, winning the second and third quarters. The boys were confident we had enough left in the tank to get us over the line. The Boys from Ohio had a different idea and really ran all over us in the final quarter, piling on 5 goals to 2. Running out 34 point winners in the end. One of the highlights of the last quarter was a goal scored on the run by ruck man Pony Boy.

All in all a pretty good effort by the lads, we were slow off the mark but were able to claw ourselves back into and in the end were not fit enough to run out the match. Back to the drawing board for us, plenty of work to be done before Nationals in 5 weeks, and the 21st September when Minnesota come into town.


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Swans 0.0.0 4.2.26 1.3.9 2.2.14 7.7.49
Columbus 3.6.24 2.0.12 1.1.7 5.4.34 11.11.77
Goals Swans: MacGlashan (2), Meyer (2), Allen T, Wilhelm, St John
Columbus: None
Best Swans: MacGlashan, Wilhelm, Martin, Panek, Jimenez, El Zoghbi, Hoyt B
Columbus: None

Blue Jacket & Goose – Jason “Pony Boy” Wilhelm

2012 Swans Travel to Columbus 0


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Columbus 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0.0 10.10.70 10.10.70
Swans 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0.0 6.5.41 6.5.41
Goals Columbus: None
Swans: Adams (2), Edwards (2), Defors, Fitzgerald
Best Columbus: None
Swans: Adams, Edwards, Fitzgerald, Wolfe, Schmelzer N

John Harrell Memorial Cup in Louisville 0

Thee opening weekend of our football season saw us set sail South down the picturesque 65 to Louisville for Kings of Louisville tournament between Nashville Kangaroos, Columbus Jackaroos, Ohio Valley River Rats & a mix up of the spares and a new team from Cleveland.

Some of the boys loitered overnight in Indianapolis; a few others couldn’t drive past the birthplace of John Cougar Mellancamp and set up camp in Seymour, IN. On paper the squad of 22 heading down looked really solid; which also included a number of star recruits donning the Chicago jersey for the first time. Congrats to those boys, Russ, Dennis, Xavier & Toby.

The scene was set on a sunny 70 odd degree day, with three quarter size grounds and 14 a side format proposed. Upon our arrival, we were informed that only 4 teams would play, with the lads from Cleveland not having enough players to make the trip.

So the schedule was set, Chicago Swans V Columbus Jackaroos and the Nashville Kangaroos V Ohio Valley River Rats. We ended up playing a full game against the Jackaroos, a game they were desperate to win, having never beaten Chicago previously. Chicago knew the Jacks would come out firing, and really took the game up to us. In a game where Chicago never really threatened saw Columbus ultimately run out winners by 5 points.

A good tough hit out first up, from a team that had been nipping at our heels for a while now. Led well by a solid defense and an excellent game from one if the best center half forwards in the game.

That said, considering it was our first game of the season, and with blokes like Ponyboy sunning himself in WA, regular full back Hoyty plucking a few notes at some dive bar in Chi-town and ‘Big Bad’ Al McGlashan preserving his last hurrah for a home game, the boys needed to pick up the slack and fill the holes.

There were indeed some promising signs of good things to come from new recruit Russ, working his way around the ground in a tireless performance. Since defecting from Milwaukee a couple back, Pat Defors has become a rock solid defender for Chicago. And a big improver, who could make a push for this year’s MVP award, Jayson Schmelzer was in and under everything on Saturday. There were signs shown yesterday that Jays might be useful as a pinch hit midfielder in the future.


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Swans 0.0.0 7.3.45 0.0.0 5.4.34 12.7.79
Columbus 0.0.0 7.5.47 0.0.0 5.7.37 12.12.84
Goals Swans: Patterson (2), Bradley (2), St John (2), Schmelzer J (2), Ortiz, Edwards
Columbus: None
Best Swans: Schmelzer J, Edwards, Panek, Adams, Defors, Fitzgerald
Columbus: None

The second game was played in Nationals format, with 20 minute halves. Once again we battled hard in tough conditions; We really let ourselves down in the second quarter kicking 6 behinds. While the work rate was pleasing, we can’t allow teams to get four goals ahead and expect to peg them back later in the game. We did eventually run out of legs in the last few minutes of the game, however were still a chance to take the win with 90 seconds to go.

Solid efforts by newcomer’s Russ Adams and Toby Patterson, and regulars, Dave Fitzpatrick, Frank Bradley, Josh Edwards & Mike Panek gave us a lot of drive from their respective positions on the field.


Team 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Swans 0.0.0 4.10.34 4.10.34
Ohio Valley 0.0.0 5.11.41 5.11.41
Goals Swans: Meyer (2), Bradley, Schmelzer J
Ohio Valley: None
Best Swans: Adams, St John, Defors, Fitzgerald
Ohio Valley: None

MAAFL - Columbus at Chicago 0

In picture perfect conditions down at the lakefront and with the DirecTV blimp circling above, the Columbus Jackaroo’s and Chicago United played out a great contest of Aussie Rules footy. Columbus took care of Nashville easily at home a few weeks ago and were keen to sink their teeth into United. With relentless pressure on the ball from both sides, Chicago kicked away and won by a scoreline that didn’t reflect the quality of the contest on the field.

The Chicago backline did not give an inch all day and was highlighted by best on ground David Deutz on the Columbus holding the Columbus spearhead Ward to a single goal. Although the ball found its way into the Jackaroo’s fifty regularly it was quickly returned back up the field to Chicago’s advantage. With the Chicago full forward Oscar being tied up by the big full-back and Chet earning 20+ marks and rebounds the Chicago midfield and pockets excelled to put the goals on the board.

So a great win for Chicago and a great showing at Brownstone Tavern by both teams passionate about the game and who both look forward every year to playing against each other and celebrating after together.

Final Scores:


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
United 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0.0 13.9.87 13.9.87
Columbus 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0.0 3.6.24 3.6.24
Goals United: Edwards (3), Meyer (2), McKeegan (2), Defors, Knoop, Hayes, Gizynski M, Wolfe
Columbus: None
Best United: Edwards, McKeegan, Defors, Gizynski M, Hoyt B, Gambaro, Deutz
Columbus: None

MAAFL Round One - Chicago at Columbus 0

The Chicago United Football Club ventured into unchartered waters yesterday with a hard fought away win yesterday against the Columbus Jackaroos in Columbus, OH. A game played in the true spirit of the game and what was also pleasing from a coaches point of view was the overall umpiring effort, well done to the umps.

A relatively new look United team had 10 guys making their debut. Jason W., Pedro, Brandon, Tyler H, Tank, Simon, Ben, Jack and the twins Jason & Nolan played like rockstars in their first game. Pedro added a lot of bite in the forward line and applied fantastic defensive pressure, he also managed a great snap for goal and helped create others.

We knew that we were going to come up against a home side that has improved and will be a tough side to beat come Nationals time in October. They really held sway for the first three quarters and if it only had been a pinch of luck going their way the deficit at three quarter time might have been more than 2 points.

Effectively this enabled United a sniff. And in the end the talls don’t get any smaller in tough battles and it was the likes of Roofy, Crackers and the irrepressible Haysey who continued to marshall the troops and get us over the line by 20 points.
The mug award went to Big Jason, a revelation this year in the ruck. I have no doubt in my mind that in the next year or so that you will see him in a Revo jumper. All in all, everyone had their job to do and one that resulted in a very satisfying win. One that was savored throughout the night!

Our focus now turns to Milwaukee in a couple of weeks at home. Let’s get out on the track and get ready to take it up to the Milwaukee team that has not beaten us for a couple of years. Remember lads this is only the first win for the year there is a long road ahead of us.


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Columbus 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0.0 7.4.46 7.4.46
United 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0.0 10.6.66 10.6.66
Goals Columbus: None
United: Hayes (3), Meyer (3), Ward (2), McKeegan, Jimenez
Best Columbus: None
United: Hayes, Ward, Bradley, Gambaro, Brennan, Wilhelm

MAAFL Kings to take on upstart Jackaroos 0

Chicago, IL- A new coach, a sleu of new talent and a renewed desire to hit the 4-peat drives Chicago United down the I 65 in their season opener against the little big man in Scott Matheson and his Jackaroos, the surprise packet of 2009.

The Jacks brought a strong team to Chicago in 09 where after hanging on for a half, they were eventually worn down with the experience, size and skill that oozes from this Chicago team. But the Jacks have a year of playing with the big boys in the MAAFL under them and according to Matheson a strong recruiting class that is ready and raring to take on the best in the Midwest. The little mans size is belied by the size of his mouth but everyone is expecting a cracker of a game this saturday at Tuttle Field with no favors asked, nor given.

Columbus come into the game on the heels of a good old fashoined schellacking by the Nashville Kangas who it seems have not forgotten nor forgiven the Jacks for their upset against them last season. One can only imagine the ‘Roo boys winter long frustrations simmering and churning in their bellys after the shenanigans pulled by a certain team positioned slightly north of Chicago in the Nationals (would love to be at that game when those two meet again!). But I digress. Columbus have a healthy metro comp brewing (even a girls team… which apparently Matheson is allowed to play in as well!!! I heard that from Chet if anyone talks to the little man!) and are looking to this game as a baromteter on how far they have come in their short life.

On the other side of the football is the might of the Chicago United Football Club. Hendrie leads a strong side into the wilds of Ohio with a team that has its eyes set on the 4 peat and cracking the Nationals hoodoo that plagues this team. Led by Rohan Ward, the United bring with them new guns Stenger, Wilhelm, Hattery, Jiminez, Harper and Nate Ward, all of whom have shown plenty in early metro rounds. Look for Wilhelm to play a particularly big role in this game as he will definitely be the best looking chap out there if not the biggest bastard as well. His first up effort against the Rhinos had Drake and Bradley comparing him to a young Drew Wolfe.

This team will, however, be missing big guns in Leibowitz, MacGlashan, Allen, Drake, Forte and the brothers Dhoory but there should be enough talent in there to win this. Uhlmann is one of the best American footballers to ever play in Chicago (or the US for that matter) and he’ll be alongside arguably the best player in the entire competition in BJ Gambaro who, like a bottle of fine wine, just gets better and better. David Fitzgerald, Frank Bradley and Brain Hoyt complete this murderers row of backmen that will be harder for the Jackaroos to penetrate than a cheapskate on Michigan Ave in December.

The on ball brigade will feature the aforementioned Wilhelm (so expect a large female crowd to be in attendance… Hoyt, eyes on the ball son!) who will be feeding Hayse, Brennan, Blundell, Rocky Deehan (if allowed back into Ohio of course) and 5 fingers Betty Palmer with better quality balls than Secretariat ever had. Look for Hayse to dominate as he loves the open expanses and the lad looks fitter than Miranda Kerr right now it must be said.

The only weakness this team may have is the forward line although any line that boasts big Roofy can’t be too bloody bad can it? McKeegan will always be good for 3 or 4 too.. the little bastard. The Jackaroos had quite the answer for Roofy last time (he still kicked a lazy 6 though) but Chet and the boys must remember Oscar and the OBK will need some close checking too.

All up, a great way to start the season with a hard trip to Columbus. I’m picking the United by 5 goals in a close one. I’m also picking Rocky Deehan to be a tad quieter which will leave a vacuum of sorts that needs to be filled. Will Hoyt step up or is he really off the beer? Is it time for Betty Palmer to put his hand up for the Runaway train award that seemed to be his last year before Rockys Ohio shenanigans? Maybe one of the new lads? Hattery is a good Kansas boy and they are drunk all the time down there, just look at the Royals! My pick thoough is Sam Blundell. He has the eye of the tiger on him that boy and hates a beer. With Rocky and Betty egging him on, I predict big things from the Rhino speedster, maybe not stolen mannequins across state lines big but I am picking he’ll at least come back a pound of two lighter then when he went.