Chicago vs Nashville - May 4, 2019

Chicago vs Nashville - May 4, 2019

As soon as the fixture came out, Swannies were eyeing up Nashville for a big weekend. Music, calorie overloads, questionably safe electric scooters, bachelorette parties... However, in between all that were two footy games.

This was the first official women's game for the Chicago Swans.  We had Bekah Quinn and Anastasia Nally travel down with the boys to combine forces with Nashville and Atlanta's women's teams.  This was also Atlanta's first women's appearance, showing up with a total of 5 women! The Chicago girls combined with Nashville to take out the game.  It was a fun match, especially with all the girls coming together as one, the reason why the USAFL women comp is growing so rapidly!  Bekah showed what Chicago was made of by dominating the goal kicking for the day! Along with Anastasia running through the mid field like she has been playing for years! 

After watching Bekah and Anastasia "I'm not a bogan" Nally dominate the women's game, it was time for the men. A mixture of old and new faces promised a good contest. Whilst the effort was there early, Nashville jumped out of the blocks. Debutante Jeff Dick was a towering presence in the ruck, but Nashville managed to get more numbers around the contest and transitioned the ball forward more easily. Tim H & Jeff K stood tall in defense to prevent the score blowing out. Nashville's inaccuracy also helped flatter the scoreline, and to pad Tim P's and Dave M's stats with the kick-ins. The second half started more promisingly, with Drew G snagging the first of the term. Alex C, AJ, Shane B and Tim P continued to take the game on through the guts. However despite the improved effort, the injuries were mounting. We were quickly down to zero rotations on the bench, with four legitimate injuries, plus AJ who went down quicker than his moves on the dance floor, only to later reveal that the entire game had to be stopped just for cramp. The score blew out but credit to the Swannies for running the game out until the end, including Drew's second goal kicked after the final siren.

Men's lineup:

B: Steve McEvilly, Tim Hermann
HB: Jeff Kraemer, Will (ATL)
C: Shane Brasncum (IND), David Martin, Tim Pryor
HF: Drew Garnaut, Christoph Odenthal
F: Gordon Barnett, Raphael (ATL)
Foll: Jeff Dick, Ajani Crosley, Alex Campanella
Int: Richard Strapps, Bob Gravelle, Kyle Maichle, "Craz" (ATL)


Nashville Kangaroos: 2.6, 4.11, 6.19, 11.26.92
Chicago Swans: 0.1, 0.2, 1.4, 2.5.16

Best ON ground: Shane Branscum
Best OFF ground: Richard Strapps
Golden Goose: Bob Gravelle

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