Rhinos get a 'Scher' of the Spoils with Big Win


Burgmann Fields, IL – The Wrigleyville Rhinos were finally able to show the form that has elluded them for the majority of the season, romping to a great win in the final home and away game of the Metro season. Led by several first year players in John Scher, Vince, Fitz, Mike and the ageless Disco Panek, the Rhinos were to strong for the Piranhas who now look at the ominous sight of a fierce Tiger team in the upcoming Grand Final on September 20.

The Rhinos got off to a flyer in the first. Cedeing 9 points for lack of players again, the Rhino midfield came alive with Tiger recruits Crackers Brennan, Vince and Fitz very active and coach Miller having a ripper of a game. an injured Morgan sat at full forward while John Scher had the ball on a string in the middle. Drake was able to open up proceedings with a mark and goal after being left alone by big Al MacGlashan. Drakes second came minutes later after a great handball from Wolfe on the boundary let him run to 35 and go BANG to set the cat amongst the pigeons. Seconds later, Fitz’s hard running was rewarded with a bomb from about 50 that sent the Rhinos into the first break 3.2: 20 to 0.1: 1 up with an angry MacGlashan screaming at his charges and denying them the basic necessity of water.

The Piranhas hit back hard and were able to control the second quarter but weren’t able to convert where it mattered most as a staunch Rhino ‘D’ led by Fitz, Mike, Adam and Disco kept them at bay. Isadore was starting to exert his influence on the game along with Haysie, Dougie Fresh and the ever dangerous Dave Allen but it was left to Didak to kick the Piranhas first after he finally got some room to move and with a classic crumbers goal started the Piranhas engine. The Koi continued to dominate and a monster snap from Haysie on the run was missed by both his adoring wife (who was checking out the bottom of a miller lite at the time…. looking for Dave Worniak apparently!) and umpire Biggs who was doing a slendid job, ably aided by many a suggestion from Big Al, who signalled a point. While Drake and Hoyt (if he was there he would’ve) laughed at Hayse, the Rhinos were able to run out the quarter and go into the long break 3.3: 21 up to 1.3:9.

While the second quarter was, as described by Mustard, the worst quarter of football this season with calamity after calamity, the second half was sensational as the two teams squared off and started running magnificently. The Piranhas came out firing with big Roofy coming into the game and having an instant effect as his midfielders finally had a viable option up forward. He marked on a tight angle but duly went back and slotted it home and all of a sudden the Piranhas were only a kick down. The midfielders for both teams were running riot as the dangerous Allen, Hayse, Morgan D, Palmer and Fresh countered every Rhino move but as the game see sawed, the Rhinos were able to get a late, telling goal through Funky Miller who had hobbled his way down to full forward after rolling the ankle. At the orange break, the Rhinos led 4.5: 29 to 2.3: 15.
Roofy continued to be a pain in the Rhinos arse as his big frame stood tall and took an early mark which he converted into 6 points and again the Goldfish were surging. Some great individual efforts by Scher and Wolfe kept the ball going forward for the Rhinos and when Joltin’ Joe goaled, momentum started to swing again. All of a suddent, the Rhinos were full of piss and vinegar as Poncho came on to seal the backline. Goals started raining at Burgmann Fields as Joe popped in 2 more to claim 3 for the afternoon, Vince got amongst the action with a cracker of a goal where he started at the wing, took a bounce and handballed to Drake who handballed back setting him up to run into an open goal and slot home a ripper from 40 out. Drake was able to sneak in his third for the afternoon and although Didak got a late one, the Rhino had already bolted and despite the 9 point penalty, they ran out comfortable winners.


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Rhinos 3.2.20 0.1.1 1.2.8 5.3.33 9.8.62
Piranhas 0.1.1 1.2.8 1.0.6 2.12.24 4.15.39
Goals Rhinos: Drake (3), Joe (3), Doorhy V, Miller, Fitzgerald
Piranhas: Sacco (2), Ward (2)
Best Rhinos: Doorhy V, Miller, Tyrekos, Wolfe, Scher, Panek
Piranhas: Allen D, Malcolm, Isadore, Elmore

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  • Thomas Shearman
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