Rhinos Feel Piranha Bite


The Piranhas welcomed back MacGlashan (1 goal) and Drewbie (2 goals), 2 of their veteran champions that have been seen so rarely at Kastilahn Towers that DK had to introduce them to the rest of the team before the game. Both played pivotal roles in the win that was set up by a dominant midfield and strong backline that was able to control the Rhino danger men in Gordo and McClamroch.

The game opened up with Lincoln Park scoring their first within a minute and the writing was already on the wall. El Presidente Ehlers was electrifying as he carved up both Fenton and the Rhino backline as he helped himself to 2 for the quarter. Roofy’s bro in law Brian kicked the first of his 3 as the Piranhas took control in the centre giving their forwards every opportunity.

The Rhinos were missing Miller, Morgan, McCoombe, LeBlanc, Anderson and ‘Biggun’ Jackson but still was able to muster a pretty decent team that was shell shocked at quarter team. McClamroch was able to score the first for the Rhinos just before quarter time giving the rhinos some fight as they looked to the second quarter. At the first break, LP led 3.2: 20 to 1.3: 9

McClamroch banged on another to open the second and was threatening to win the game off his own boot as the Rhinos started to charge but as soon as they began to threaten, the Piranha fought back and once he smelt blood, he went straight for the throat. MacGlashan produced a bomb from 50 out before Brian got his second. Roofy started getting loose and bagged himself 2 while Haysie found plenty of room on the wing and bagged one for himself. Poncho nailed a bomb from the boundary and at the half, the Piranhas were dominating every aspect of the game and were thinking how far. At the long break, a demoralized Rhino outfit trailed by over 7 goals being 2.3: 15 against a potent Piranhas team 9.4: 58

Drake swung the changes and demanded more of his backline but numbers were against him. Mustard did a splendid job on MacGlashan and Fenton was starting to get on top of Ehlers as the rhinos fought back. Brian put another nail in the Rhino coffin with his third to announce his arrival on the CAFA scene. Brian Hoyt hit back for Wrigleyville with a lovely shot from the boundary and complimented this with his second minutes later. Ehlers broke away from Fenton to kick his second before the Rhinos hit back with their third for the quarter in what can only be described as the greatest goal in US history. Lets see if I can properly describe this…… “Ambrosino collects the pill 40 out. He dodges and he weaves and he dodges again before straightening up from 30 out and going ‘BANG’ and a wobbly, mongrel punt leaves his boot and is destined for an out on the full call before cannoning into the back of OBK’s head and magically back into the hands of Gordo who slams it back on the boot, this time from 20 out and sees it sail straight through the middle of the hey diddle diddle”. The game comes to a halt and time is called as players from both teams try to pick themselves up off the ground as OBK walks around in a daze and Gordo celebrates. At the orange break, LP led 11.7: 73 to WV 5.3: 33

Drake had one more move up his sleeve and threw everyone behind the ball and put himself, Gordo and a still dazed OBK up forward as the Rhinos gambled on a big last quarter. In the fading light, the move almost paid off as B. Hoyt ran through the middle and hit his coach on the left tit out in front of Beau Rogers. The ensuing goal to Drake sparked the Rhino for a last hurrah and on the next play Hoyt P was able to grab the pig skin and bomb it up forward where Drake marked over Beau again, 30 out. The kick however could not match the grab and the Piranhas were able to rebound and dominate the footy and run the game into the ground as Hayse added his second to put the game away. The Rhinos continued to fight and Drake kicked his second for the game with a big bomb from the boundary that set the crowd alight. The Piranhas put Kastilahn on Drake and Phil Cisco continued to pester the hell out of Gordo and the Piranhas were able to shut the game down and continue to come good at the business end of the season. The Piranhas are now the team to look at as the Tigers continue to struggle for numbers and the Rhinos struggle for consistency. More threatening is that this Piranha team was without Ternes and Deri Morgan both of who will add a lot more power and strength to an already impressive line up. If they can afford the big wages of MacGlashan and Ehlers to ensure they continue to play, the Pirnahas will certainly give this competition a shot in the arm as they ran out 34 point winners in this one.


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Piranhas 3.2.20 6.2.38 2.3.15 1.3.9 12.10.82
Rhinos 1.3.9 1.0.6 3.0.18 2.3.15 7.6.48
Goals Piranhas: Brian Monico (3), Ward (2), Hayes (2), Ehlers (2), Bradley, MacGlashan, Cisco
Rhinos: Hoyt B (2), McClamroch (2), Drake (2), Ambrosino
Best Piranhas: Brian Monico, Hayes, Cisco, Byron, Kastilan, Livie
Rhinos: Hoyt P, Fenton, Panek

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  • Thomas Shearman
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