2013 Metro Rd 4

2013 Metro Rd 4

Welcome to another round of Friday Night Footy at the Wavo! The storms that were expected never came, but the Piranhas had a storm of their own brewing and looked to continue their win streak against the Tigers. Could the Tigers weather it, or would they end up soaked?

The scoring started almost immediately as shifty Piranha forward, Nolan “Faster Than He Looks” McKeegan (3 goals)wheeled around on his trusty right boot to slot the first of the night. He and mid-fielder Keith “Head First” Campion looked up and about as Campion put up another major from an impossible angle. Matching their ferocity, however, was Tiger mid-fielder Pedro “My Eye is Finally Healed” Jimenez who collected a tough ball at ground level and kicked a great goal on the run. Joe “I before E” Swierupski had good hands, taking a few contested marks across half back. Contesting those marks was Piranha Matt “Greedy” Reid who was a tough nut in defense. After one last goal for the Tigers by Danny “Snap-Shot” Yunes (2 goals), the scores were nearly even, favoring the Tigers by 1 point.

The second quarter again opened with 2 quick goals to the Piranhas’ stalwarts Frank “Bouncy” Bradley and Doug “Flashy” Malcolm, both of whom are showing lots of veteran leadership. Quinton “Mighty” McMillen and Garret Carragher (who kicked one goal on the night) provided plenty of run on the wings for the Fish. Getting a run in the midfield, much to the chagrin of his quads, Paul “Vienna” Meyer seemed to slot in nicely next to Eric “I Think I Can” Zukowski for the Tigers. Their clean hands led to two goals in the second quarter, one to forward Graham “Teddy” Brennan, and one to first year player, Alex “Wazza” Wallach. The two sides were evenly matched until the final four minutes of the quarter when two more goals went to the Piranhas (one to McKeegan and one to Woody) as they began to pull away.

The third quarter was a story of defenses… mostly that of the Piranhas. “Betty” Palmer crashed countless packs and one ankle while Dan “Ginger” Kastilahn simply denied any entry into the Tiger’s forward 50. Matt “Spidey” Webb looked the part as he spoiled Tiger Eric “Conny” Conway’s kick in the centre square. Nick “Gleaming” Glennon ran well and supported his comrades. David “Deutzy” Deutz and Joel “Benny” Bennett, provided lead after lead for the Piranhas. Had their kicking been straighter, it could have been blood bath, but the Piranhas only managed 1 goal 4 for the quarter, to the Tigers 1 Behind.

In an effort to stop the bleeding, Al “Forever 21″ MacGlashan moved into defense and looked really strong running through the center square. Piranhas Ruckman, Jason “Taps” Holmes was excellent and showed a deft touch at center bounces against Henry “Snoop” Knoop who was all over the ground. Paul “Gloves” Enzinger provided a good target for the Tigers, as well as Steven “Chappy” Chapman but it was to no avail. The real deal, though was Tim “Munster” Hermann for the Fish. All day long he seemed to find more space than anyone. The Piranhas ran out the victors 8.7.55 to the Tiger’s 5.4.34.


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Tigers 2.2.14 2.1.13 0.1.1 1.0.6 5.4.34
Piranhas 2.1.13 4.0.24 1.4.10 1.2.8 8.7.55
Goals Tigers: Yunes (2), Wallach, Jimenez, Brennan
Piranhas: McKeegan (3), Woodman, Bradley, Campion, Carragher, Malcolm
Best Tigers: Yunes, Wallach, MacGlashan
Piranhas: McKeegan, Bradley, Campion, Hermann, Holmes
Injuries Tigers: None
Piranhas: Palmer (Ankle)

Blue Jacket (BOG): Tim Hermann
Oxford Landing Wine: Keith Campion
Golden Goose: Danny Yunes

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