Metro Round 2 - Tigers vs Piranhas


If the match tonight between the Tigers of Lincoln Square and the Piranhas of Lincoln Park is anything like the preview we saw two weeks ago then we are in for a cracker of a game. Two weeks ago we saw these two teams battle it out in a shortened 20 minute game in which the Tigers narrowly edged out the Piranhas 10-7. Each team kicked only one goal but it was the Tigers persistence that helped tack on three more behinds than the Piranhas to pull out the victory. The match was hard fought and in doubt until the final seconds and I see no reason why we shouldn’t expect the same the same effort from both teams tonight.

The Piranhas as always will be looking to take control of the game from the first toss up as they fly in with CAFA starting ruck man Jason Wilhelm. Pony boy will be looking to get the ball to one of his midfield speedsters. The young talented trio of Sammy Blundell, Vince Doorhy, and Billy Uhlman are no strangers to this game and look to carry on the tradition of midfield talent that Chicago is known for. Helping to round out the midfield for Lincoln Park will be US Revolution star Dan Sarbacker and CAFA veteran Deri Morgan both of whom have a wealth of footy experience and knowledge. The Tigers will hit back with their own tough midfield which while not as fast as the Piranhas is in no way second class. The midfield of Graham Brennan, Tommy Gun, and Eric Zukowski could be starting for any USAFL team in the country and they looked impressive in their debut two weeks ago. The tough task of slowing down Wilhelm in the ruck will be going to first gamer Henry Knopp who has impressed the Tigers coaches in pre-season trainings and has the height and skill to be a top notch ruck man.

The real battle today should be fought in the Tiger forward line as experience meets experience. The Tigers will be looking to get the ball up forward to the three headed monster of Paul Meyer, Brian Hoyt, and Al MacGlashan. Meyer hopes to continue his goal kicking ways and let everyone know that he plans on repeating as the Macglashan award winner in 2011. Asked for a comment before the game Meyer responded “everyone keeps talking about this Mckeegan bloke kicking goals…but after tonight everyone is going to know the real hotdog on this team in Oscar Meyer”. The Tiger forwards will likely have no room to breathe though as the smothering defense of legends Frank Bradley, BJ Gambaro, and Danny Kastilahn is a rare treat to watch. Bradley’s shoulder has been holding up fine and Kastilahn is back from an earlier ankle injury and both are looking to put their stamp on this game. The Tigers will need help from the crumbers up front and will look to Pedro Jimenez and Kyle Joseph to pick up the slack in that department.

There hasn’t been much fire from the forward line of the Piranhas yet this year. The lone spark being Doug Malcolm who looks to improve on his stellar first week performance and see if he can kick a bag tonight. First year player Lars Christianson has looked very impressive so far for the Piranhas and will draw the eye of the Tigers defenders tonight. Rounding out the forward line will be Pat Mchale and Matt Reid, two second year players who have shown a lot of promise. The Tigers will be led into battle on the defensive side by veterans Mike Panek, Jeff Borchardt, and Brett Isadore. The only thing those three can do better than shut down opponents is party…and they look to party all night long celebrating their defensive battle tonight.

This game is too close to call on paper and should be a hard fought contest until the final siren. Look for each team to support teammates and run all day long as they reap the benefits of a tough off season conditioning program(alright I made that last part up). Either way this should be an awesome night and an awesome game. Post-match festivities to take place at the Brownstone Tavern starting at 9pm and ending when they kick us out. We all know win or lose on the field Frank Bradley is looking to take the green jacket at the bar.


Q1 Q2 Q3 Final
Lincoln Park 1.0.6 2.2.14 4.5.29 6.5.41
Lincoln Square 1.1.7 1.3.10 3.6.24 3.9.27

LP: Bradley 4, Nate Ward, Vince Doorhy
LS: Bart D, Kyle Peters, Eric Z

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  • Thomas Shearman
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