Tigers go Fishing


CHICAGO, IL- This week marks the return of Metro footy to Chicago’s magnificent shoreline as the Piranhas get to take another shot at runaway flag favorites, the bustling Tigers of Lincoln Square.

Magnificent in their perfect season thus far, the Tigers certainly got a scare last game as Forte and the Rhinos took it right up to them, losing by under a straight kick in what was the game of the season thus far. The Tigers were a tad undermanned for that one and it will be interesting to see who lobs for the black and yellow this friday in the moist Chicago heat that it rolling in off the plains.

The Piranhas are yet to hit their straps but are also coming off a victory over the Rhinos in another close one. They boast Roofy, Gambaro, Hayse and MacGlashan and a ragged band of Irishmen that can turn a game in mere seconds. The Toddy Holmberg like Ciaran Sweeney is a huge talent and his last up effort was hopefully a sign of things to come for Hayse and the Piranhas. Other Piranhas to put their hands up include Pedro, Zukowski, Gallagher and Walsh who will be well supported by veterans Palmer, Ehlers, Deri Morgan, Kastilahn and the Mini Keg on two legs Nolan McKe(e)gan. The Piranhas certainly have the team to beat the Tigers but can they put it together? Their backline is probably their biggest worry as between McKeegan, Ward, MacGlashan and co they can pile on plenty of goals. The mids in Hayse, Sweeney, Isadore, Fresh and the renegade master Stacey Elmore can at least hang with the highly fancied midfield of the Tige’s that is a who’s who of United Football in Brennan, Dhoory x 2, Gunn, Leibowitz and the best of them all in Willy Uhlmann who is coming off a B.O.G effort against Cincinnatti in which he racked up over 40 possessions (2 of which hit their target just quietly).

The Tigers are a force but their leader and inspiration will most likely be missing from this line up in Francis Bradley who has popped the shoulder yet again (Hendrie popped his again meaning Hendrie still leads the ‘popped shoulder’ contest 75 to 62). The Tiges will be looking for the mercurial Wilhelm to take on Elmore in what, if it pans out, will be a great match up in the ruck. Elmore with the experience, Wilhelm with the looks and form. The Tiger backs were shown up at times by Wrigleyville and their forward line is not that scary but with Fitz, Dhoorys and Hoyt running through the lines, goals can come in a hurry as Fitz showed against the Rhinos in that magnificent third quarter a few weeks back. Hoyt could be a player to watch in this game though. He presented magnificently time and again against Cinci but had a case of the yips that had even Ian Baker Finch feeling sorry for him. Hoyts return of 2 marks from 33 attempts and 1 goal 23 points will be talked about for a long time but it must be pointed out that he did get to the ball and was a credible target for Uhlmann, Hayse, Leibowitz and the United midfielders. Look for Hoyt and Hayse to be duking it out at some stage as Hoyt looks to get even for some interesting comments during the course of the United triumph!

This game, I am predicting, will be a romp by the Tigers. Ward is unlikely to play after Forte broke his ribs in an incident that would seem normal if Rocky were involved but alas he was chasing fire trucks somewhere. The Tiger midfield will be too hot to handle for Hayse and with Oscar coming back as well as Wilhelm and Burgmann (kidding), the Tigers will be too strong, too big, too quick for the aging Piranhas. Tigers by 5 goals.

WHEN: Friday, June 11th @ 6pm
WHERE: Waveland Park, CNR LSD and Waveland Aves
WHO: Lincoln Park Pirnahas v Lincoln Square Piranhas
WHAT ELSE: WV Rhinos to supply umpires and hecklers and beer (gonna be hot)
KEY MATCH UPS: Elmore v Wilhelm, Hayse v Uhlmann, Gambaro v Meyer, Roofy v Poncho (in terms of beers drank on the sidelines), Hoyt v wooden hands, MacGlashan v desire to quit and go to the pool and suck tinnies coz of the bloody heat, Fitzgerald v McKeegan
Tigers: Covering Poncho and getting the ball to the midfielders
Piranhas: Hoping Billy, Crackers, Fitz, Leibba, Gunn and the Dhoorys don’t turn up. Getting Elmore and Sweeney to play.


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Tigers 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0.0 9.2.56 9.2.56
Piranhas 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0.0 9.2.56 9.2.56
Goals Tigers: None
Piranhas: McKeegan (2)
Best Tigers: None
Piranhas: None

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  • Thomas Shearman
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