Food Chain Reversed as Fish Devour Tigers


Burgmann Fields, IL- In the best attended game of the season (as far as participating teams go) the Lincoln Park Piranhas won a thriller that came down to a kick after the siren. In a game that both teams were desperate to win to keep in touch with ladder leaders, Wrigleyville, the Piranhas were able to produce an 18 strong team and the Tigers arrived with 17as very few available players were not in attendance. Unfortunately we were well short of umpires with VP, Disco Panek, the only fit Wrigleyville player at the ground (well done Wolfy). In trying conditions and with no support from his team mates Disco did an admirable job as each team did their best to gain any advantage.

In a pleasing sight for all, Pablo Isadore hobbled down to the ground in his impressive ‘boot’ to cheer on his team and to keep a very accurate and detailed score for the game(?). From all reports Lincoln Park’s other wounded soldier, Bluey Carroll, is also on the way to recovery and it will be a great day for United when he is well enough to return to Burgmann Fields in any capacity.

My apologies for the vagueness of this report as I am going on memory and it’s not one of my strong points.
The Lincoln Square Tigers were buoyed by the fact they had the majority of their squad available and while still missing big (literally)guns, EP and Joe, they were ferocious in the 1st quarter and jumped out to a large lead. The Tiger forwards, led by John ‘Fish’ Doorhy, were dominant and appeared to be able to score at will with every forey in their vicinity. Many scoring opportunities resulted in behinds though which would return to haunt the Tigers with the final whistle.

The quarter will be remembered for the Tiger’s superior fitness allowing them to run free around the ground. It was that or more likely the fact that Lincoln Park were playing one short on the ground. Art who was having his best season yet for the Square was a big loss for the Tiger defense when he went down with a leg injury mid quarter.

The 2nd quarter was a complete reversal of the first as Lincoln Park ran rampant all over the field. Finally the Piranhas returned to full capacity on the field and the fresh legs were telling. The three biggest players on the field were everywhere. Tristan and Roofy controlled the midfield and the rare ball which bypassed them was snappled up by the almighty mits of Al MacGlashan. Roofy was continuing his dominant season and showed his versatility by playing ruck rover throughout the game. The Tigers were shell shocked by the new found ferocity displayed by Lincoln Park and could not get possession of the football. Adding to the pain of the Tigers was the leaving of Fish due to a prior engagement. After the topsy turvy first half, Lincoln Park went into the main break a couple of goals in front and full of confidence.

The second half of the game continued as the first left off with Lincoln Park well and truly on top. The Tiger defense was working hard to prevent goals before Didak jumped high to take a big mark in the goal square to put the Piranhas further in front before the match began to turn into a stalemate. The Tigers were desperate to change the flow of the game while the Piranhas appeared to have their measure and refused to give an inch. Epic battles were happening at both ends of the ground with Phil Cisco working hard to contain a creative Oscar and a clash of the titans up the other end with Pace taking on Drewby. Luckily no player was silly enough to stand in front of these two as they charged out on the lead. Hazie and Billy were playing strong games for their respective sides as they both tried to give their team the edge with their run and creative play.

The last 5 minutes of the third quarter finally returned the flow of the game back towards the Tigers. Crabs and Crackers, who were both having great games, found some support from team mates and the ball camped in the Tiger’s forward line. Fitzy pushed up from half back and peppered the goals but alas, as with the 1st quarter, no goals were resulting. Good defense by the Piranhas meant that most shots on goal were either from some distance out or under great pressure. Piranhas went into the last quarter about 2-3 goals in front.

The game was set for an epic final term and neither team disappointed. In a game that was highly skilled throughout, the ball moved quickly from end to end without much scoring. Oscar put the Tigers within reach of victory with a classic banana kick from the boundary line and the irrepressive heat was turned up even further. With their tails now up the Tigers took the lead in the game (don’t ask me how but we must have had it somehow) and appeared to be looking at an unlikely win. Step up Nolan McKeegan for the Piranhas and amongst a sea of black and gold he was able to read the ball to perfection from the boundary throw in deep in the forward pocket and snap truly to restore a four point lead for his team.

The intensity of the game was going to continue to the final siren as nobody at the ground was going to halt their intensity. Fitzy was inspiring to his team as he constantly won the ball while outnumbered across half back for the Tigers. Louie(?) was constantly finding space across half back for Lincoln Park as he frustrated the Tigers attempts to score the winning goal. As the call came out that there was only 45 seconds remaining the game appeared over as Lincoln Park ran the ball through the center of the ground and looked to put the final nail in the coffin. Somehow the ball was turned over (can’t remember how) and the Tigers had one final opportunity. The ball was switched to Crackers who moved the ball quickly into the Tiger forward pocket where it was disputed before a quick snap sent the ball flying across goal. Everybody was waiting for the cry of time as Billy ran back towards the pocket, the ball floating directly over his head, to take a great one hander. The final whistle blew, hearts were in mouths for both teams as Billy drifted the difficult kick from an angle across the goal for a behind.

So came to an end another tight Metro encounter. The game has left Lincoln Square needing to win its last two games of the year to assure itself a spot in this year’s Grand Final while Lincoln Park will return next week to take on Wrigleyville with both teams fighting for top position on the ladder.

Lincoln Square will need to supply umpires for the game and players as early indications are that teams will be lacking numbers for this weeks game.


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Tigers 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0.0 5.10.40 5.10.40
Piranhas 0.0.0 0.0.0 0.0.0 6.7.43 6.7.43
Goals Tigers: Meyer (3), Doorhy J (2)
Piranhas: Ehlers (2), Hayes (2), Morgan D, McKeegan
Best Tigers: Brennan, Uhlmann, Fitzgerald, Doorhy V
Piranhas: Hayes, McKeegan, MacGlashan, Louie, Cisco, Ward
Umpire Disco

Please help Mustard (and Pablo’s) memory!!! who kicked the other two for LS?
LINCOLN SQUARE: Oscar 3, Fish 2 (Fish 3? Braddis?)
LINCOLN PARK: Hayes, Drewbie 2, Deri, Nolan 1 (What about Sacco’s leap and goal?)

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